Thursday, 21 May 2015

Notes from the Kimberley Dynamiters 2015 AGM

The Dynamiters held their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday May 19th. The following are notes and highlights from the meeting, including the list of Board and Committee members.

Main highlights:
  • There was a motion, due to the 2014/15 season being one of, if not the best season financially for the team since joining the KI, to divide the Treasurer duties. To have a Treasurer and a Co-Treasurer.
  • Tasha Johnston stepped down as Secretary.
  • Current Volunteer Opportunities, if interested contact Chad Koran
    • Game Night Event Coordinator
    • 50/50 Coordinator
    • Game Day Volunteers
Current Elected Offices for the Board of Directors:
  • President: Chad Koran
  • Vice Presidents: James Leroux & Glen Johnston
  • Past President: Dave Smith
  • Secretary: Karrie Hall
  • Treasurer: Troy Pollock
  • Co-Treasurer: Kathy Merkel
  • Directors at Large: Larry Limacher, Derrick Smith, Robyn Wardle, Melanie Holloway, Troy Bobak, Jodi L'Heureux, Tasha Johnston.
The Committee Leads are as follows:
  • Advertising & Sponsorship: Shari Reid
  • Billet Coordinator: Jodi L'Heureux
  • Game Night Event Coordinator: Vacant
  • Beer Booth Coordinator: Robyn Wardle
  • Off Ice Official: Tyler Crawford
  • Ticket Booth Coordinator: Anita Haney
  • Booster Booth Committee: Cynthia Smith
  • Equipment Coordinator: Chad Koran
  • Webcast Coordinator: Troy Bobak
  • Social Media Coordinators: Tasha Johnston, Glen Johnston, Jodi L'Heureux
  • Team Community Involvement Coordinator: Dave Smith & Mike Reid
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Glen Johnston
  • Season Tickets Coordinator: Melanie Holloway
  • Seventh Player Coordinator: Melanie Holloway
  • 50/50 Coordinator: Vacant
Wow! It sure takes a lot of volunteers to run this organization! 

I have to say thanks to all those that volunteer their time whether that's as a Board Member, a Committee Member or a Game Day Volunteer, this team would not function without them. So kudos! And of course, to the fans that support the organization, there would be no team without fan support.