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Attendance at Kimberley Dynamiters Home Games

I've noticed several searches looking for the attendance numbers at Kimberley Dynamiters games... so for those looking for those numbers, look no further than this post!

Summary of stats first. Kimberley played 26 Regular Season home games, and 10 Playoff home games:

  • Highest Attendance:
    • RS - 738, December 28 against Fernie Ghostriders.
    • PO - 1358, Game 5 against Kamloops Storm (KIJHL Finals)
  • Lowest Attendance
    • RS - 243, December 2 against Golden Rockets
    • PO - 575, Game 2 against Creston Valley Thunder Cats
  • Average Attendance, Regular Season
    • 476
    • Non-Division: 403
    • Division: 522
  • Division Attendance Averages
    • Fernie Ghostriders, 690
    • Columbia Valley Rockies, 523
    • Creston Valley Thundercats, 483
    • Golden Rockets, 395
  • Average Attendance, Playoffs
    • 1019
    • Creston Valley Thundercats, 612
    • Fernie Ghostriders, 932
    • Beaver Valley Nitehawks, 976
    • Kamloops Storm, 1181
Now here is the list of the attendance of each regular season home game. * is weekday game (Mon-Thu). ^ is Sunday

Date Opponent Attendance
13-Sep-14 Creston Valley Thundercats 570
20-Sep-14 Columbia Valley Rockies 575
27-Sep-14 Castlegar Rebels 460
03-Oct-14 Summerland Steam 472
11-Oct-14 Beaver Valley Nitehawks 501
^12-Oct-14 Kelowna Chiefs 320
18-Oct-14 Creston Valley Thundercats 473
25-Oct-14 Columbia Valley Rockies 468
^26-Oct-14 North Okanagan Knights 307
31-Oct-14 Osoyoos Coyotes 351
01-Nov-14 Golden Rockets 496
08-Nov-14 Princeton Posse 434
*20-Nov-14 Spokane Braves 371
28-Nov-14 Fernie Ghostriders 702
*02-Dec-14 Golden Rockets 243
06-Dec-14 Nelson Leafs 376
13-Dec-14 Golden Rockets 387
20-Dec-14 Fernie Ghostriders 633
^28-Dec-14 Fernie Ghostriders 738
03-Jan-15 Columbia Valley Rockies 448
*13-Jan-15 Creston Valley Thundercats 471
23-Jan-15 Columbia Valley Rockies 602
*03-Feb-15 Creston Valley Thundercats 416
06-Feb-15 Fernie Ghostriders 684
08-Feb-15 Grand Forks Border Bruins 436
15-Feb-15 Golden Rockets 452
This is the list of the attendance at the Playoff games

Creston Valley Thundercats 589
Fernie Ghostriders 857
Beaver Valley Nitehawks 975
Kamloops Storm 1208
Now just as comparison to our WHL Neighbours, the Kootenay Ice averaged 2239 in attendance. About 8% of Cranbrook and the close surrounding areas (i.e. Wycliffe, Gold Creek, etc.) showed up for games. About 6% of Kimberley showed up for regular season games, and about 13% showed up for playoff games.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters receive Community Ambassador Award

The Kimberley Dynamiters efforts in the 2014/15 season were recognized by the City of Kimberley, as the Dynamiters received Community Ambassador Awards.

Here are some of the photos from the Dynamiters Facebook page, and from tweets.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters Silver Medal in Cyclone Taylor Cup

Cyclone Taylor Cup Most Inspirational Player: Tyson Brouwer

Photo by Jodi L'Heureux
Stellar during round robin play to help the team get to the Gold Medal game. 2.80 GAA; .924 SV%

Cyclone Taylor Cup Most Outstanding Player: Jason Richter

Photo by Jodi L'Heureux
Jason Richter, the captain, scored 3G and 2A during the tournament, three of those points (1G 2A) came in the Gold Medal game. Clutch.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters place 2nd in BC after losing 6-5 to Campbell River Storm

Game Notes
After the previous double OT game, these two teams were familiar with each other. Buckley busted out of the gate with the Nitro's first chance 20 seconds into the game, but was stopped. Kimberley then got themselves into some penalty trouble and were down to three men. Campbell River, whose special teams have been electric, scored 11 seconds into the 5-on-3, and they were up 1-0. Kimberley fought back, Rosolowsky dished the puck to Roy who fired a shot, somehow through the goalie and tied the game. Campbell River kept pressing, but Brouwer made save after save. The Dynamiters kept at it too, and caught Michel while he was on an adventure out of the crease, but couldn't get it in. The buzzer sounded on the period, and it was tied 1-1, and Kimberley led in shots 10-9.

The Dynamiters started the period on a brief PP. Shortly after it's conclusion, they were on the PK. The PK team helped keep the game tied. The teams swapped chances for the first half of the period. Then there was a bad turnover in the Dynamiters end and the Storm made the Nitro's pay, breaking the tie, going up 2-1. Haase, while on the PK, forced a turnover and then scored on the ensuing rebound. Tie game. Campbell River wasn't done, they fired frequently and high, and eventually got one in, taking a 3-2 lead into the dressing room. Kimberley led in shots, 8-7.

Another open the floodgates type of period. The Storm busted down the wing and fired a shot in, giving themselves a 4-2 lead. Later the duo of Roy and Rosolowsky combined for their second goal of the game, as Rosolowsky scored, cutting into the Storms lead, now 4-3. It took the Storm ~30 seconds to regain their two goal lead. Three minutes later, the Storm took a three goal lead, 6-3. My heart sank, but this Kimberley team did not give up. I repeat, they did not give up. With 3:05 on the clock the Dynamiters pulled their goalie, and Richter scored with 2:20 left, making it 6-4. Kimberley then took a time-out to plot their next plan. With 1:48 left, Brouwer was back on the bench. Busch fired a point shot that sailed in, the game was 6-5 with 45 seconds left. Kimberley switched goalies, a move I have since learned is to buy time (I didn't piece that coaching tactic together because I coached basketball). Kimberley got the goalie pulled with 20 seconds left, chaos, and Campbell River Storm held on to their lead.

Kimberley took home the silver medal.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jason Richter - 3pt performance, he carried the team.

Honourable Mentions
Kenaan Haase - 1G 1A, MVP of the game
Alex Rosolowsky - an unsung hero, 1G 1A
Jordan Roy - 1G 1A
Jordan Busch - consistent on D, helpful on the Offence 1G

Further Reading
Taylor Rocca write up for Kimberley & for Campbell River

Monday, 6 April 2015

It's Game Day! Gold Medal Cyclone Cup Match between Kimberley Dynamiters & Campbell River Storm

The winner of this game advances to the Keystone Cup tournament, competing for the best Junior B hockey team in Western Canada.

When these two teams met, the game was electric and ended in double OT, with Campbell winning 4-3. I am expecting that same intensity for this game.

Campbell River Storm's path to the Gold Medal Game:
  • 6-3 win over North Vancouver Wolf Pack
  • 4-3 (2OT) win over Kimberley Dynamiters
  • 3-2 win over Mission City Outlaws

Kimberley Dynamiters path to the Gold Medal Game:
  • 2-1 win over Mission City Outlaws
  • 4-3 (2OT) loss to Campbell River Storm
  • 5-4 (2OT) win over North Vancouver Wolf Pack

All of Kimberley's games were one-goal games, Campbell river had two games that were decided by one-goal. So this game has the potential of being close.

Suspensions. Kimberley Dynamiters will be short Coy Prevost (1G) due to suspension. Campbell River Storm will be short Reece Costain (1G-1A).

I do wonder if this game will come down to special teams, Kimberley has been near perfect on the PK; while both teams are about the same for PP efficiency.

Here are their stats during the Cyclone Taylor Cup tournament:

Kimberley DynamitersRegular SeasonCampbell River Storm
3.33Offence (GFA)4.33
3.00Defence (GAA)2.66
0.924Goaltending (SV%)0.916
21.43%Power Play20.00%
94.44%Penalty Kill88.24%
31.81%Top 3 Dependence43.33%
James Jowsey (1G-2A)Top ScorerGage Colpron (4G-1A)
Kenaan Haase (2G-0A)2nd Top ScorerConnor Logan (2G-2A)
Jason Richter (2G-0A)3rd Top ScorerTrevor Bottomly (0G-4A)
Coy Prevost (12)PIM LeaderReece Costain (17)

This is the Regular Season and Playoff Stats for both teams:

Kimberley DynamitersRegular SeasonCampbell River Storm
4.35Offence (GFA)5.83
2.77Defence (GAA)2.44
0.904Goaltending (SV%)0.892
23.85%Power Play23.25%
87.38%Penalty Kill86.69%
30.83%Top 3 Dependence30.58%
Jason Richter (39G-31A)Top ScorerGage Colpron (42G-42A)
Braden Saretsky (19G-35A)2nd Top ScorerWill McNamara (36G-44A)
Coy Prevost (14G-35A)3rd Top ScorerColin Blake (30G-47A)
Eric Buckley (103)PIM LeaderThor Rosback (131)

3.14Offence (GFA)4.54
2.27Defence (GAA)1.54
0.926Goaltending (SV%)0.934
28.40%Power Play17.74%
84.71%Penalty Kill87.04%
43.51%Top 3 Dependence30.89%
Braden Saretsky (18G-11A)Top ScorerDane Feeney (10G-9A)
Coy Prevost (11G-8A)2nd Top ScorerGage Colpron (13G-5A)
Jason Richter (5G-14A)3rd Top ScorerJosiah Friesen (11G-5A)
Justin Meier (36)PIM LeaderReese Costain (39)

The Kimberley Dynamiters advance to Gold Medal game with win over North Vancouver Wolf Pack

Game Notes
  • To advance to the Gold Medal game, Kimberley needed to win this game.
  • North Vancouver on the other hand, regardless of the outcome, were destined for the Bronze Medal game.
  • All of North Vancouver's games have been high scoring losses: 6-3, 7-6.
  • Tyson Brouwer started against Trevor Withers
I'll admit, I was surprised how quickly Kimberley got on the board. All their games have been intense, but scoring was a treat. Roy blasted in on the wing and scored the first goal for Kimberley. After that goal, the parade to the penalty box began. Both teams had PP and SH opportunities, but both goalies closed the door. The Wolf Pack led in shots 12-11.

There was no scoring this period, and it was a very chippy and chatty period. There were a lot of PP opportunities, there was 4-on-4 play. The penalty to note is the goaltender interference penalty against Jowsey, as that has implications later in the game. North Vancouver led in shots 12-11 (no that's not a typo from the 1st).

Open the gates! There was a total of seven goals and 32 penalty minutes this period. The Wolf Pack tied the game on a bad giveaway (or great pass to the wrong team). 28 seconds later, the Dynamiters forced a turnover and Haase made it 2-1. The anger between the two teams increased as Saretsky was crunched, which resulted in Kinnon aiding his teammate, but also taking a penalty; the Wolf Pack player was penalized and shown the dressing room. Prevost was later penalized for goalie interference, and there is a BC Hockey rule that if there is a second goalie interference penalty that it is an automatic game misconduct and one game suspension. Wolf Pack then scored on the ensuing PP, tying the game. A minute later Meier scored on the PP. When the Wolf Pack was down with five minutes left, they pulled the goalie, a win in regulation was their top priority. A minute later the Wolf Pack tied it again, with four minutes remaining. Jowsey scored on a point shot, giving the Dynamiters 4-3 lead with two minutes left. Not even a minute later, the Wolf Pack came back again, and tied it at four. In an interesting move, North Van sent their back up goalie out for 15 seconds before pulling the goalie. The game remained a tie, and was headed to OT! North Vancouver led 15-9 in shots.

OT1 4-on-4
I will admit I got nervous, in the pre-game interview with the webcast, Coach Bancks took ownership of the OT loss, because Kimberley has not practiced 4-on-4 or 3-on-3 as much as they should have. So my anxiety was through the roof... and I was just WATCHING the game, not PLAYING the game. Jowsey had the best chances of the period, hitting one off the post while on the PP, and again as the period wound down.

OT2 3-on-3
Six seconds into OT, Marchi broke in with Richter on a 2-on-1. Marchi shot and Richter dove and banged in the rebound. The Dynamiters punched their ticket to the Gold Medal game with the victory.

However, the sad news to the game is that Prevost, because of the automatic BC Hockey rule, will not be playing in the Gold Medal game because of the automatic suspension. - That's a hard one to swallow, not having the Eddie Mountain Division Top Rookie in the lineup.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jason Richter - OT heroics, and just a pure team leader by example.

Honorable Mentions
James Jowsey - Did everything within his power to level out his pass that led to the turnover. 1G 1A, plus several posts in OT.
Justin Meier - Physical force, 1G 1A.

Further Reading

Sunday, 5 April 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs North Vancouver Wolf Pack

The North Vancouver Wolf Pack are the PJHL champions. They finished on top of their division and the league during the regular season. They also beat the host team, Mission City, in the PJHL finals to become the league champs.

North Vancouver has apparently been suffering from the flu and have not brought their A-game. They lost to Campbell River 6-3, and lost to Mission City 7-6 in a shootout.

Kimberley has achieved at least one point in their games. Winning 2-1 over Mission City (3pts), and losing 4-3 in 2OT to Campbell River (1pt)

The points table by the Cyclone Cup is not accurate as it is not accounting for 3pt victories, 2pt OT wins, 1pt OT losses (it has since been updated correctly as of 11:30am MT). So the standings look like this:
  1. Campbell River Storm - 5pts
  2. Kimberley Dynamiters - 4pts
  3. Mission City Outlaws - 2pts
  4. North Vancouver Wolf Pack - 1pt
With that, let's play the "What if" game:
  • If Kimberley wins in any fashion, they secure a spot into the Gold Medal game
  • If Kimberley loses in extra time, plus Mission City wins their game in extra time, or loses in any fashion, Kimberley advances to the Gold Medal game.
  • If Kimberley loses in extra time, plus Mission City wins their game in regulation, they will need a tie breaker.
  • If Kimberley loses in regulation, plus Mission City wins in extra time, they will need a tie breaker.
  • If Kimberley loses in regulation, plus Mission City loses in any fashion, Kimberley advances to the Gold Medal game.
  • If Kimberley loses in regulation, plus Mission City wins in regulation, Kimberley goes to the Bronze Medal game.
In short, winning, in any fashion, sends Kimberley to the Gold Medal game. Losing in any fashion creates dependence on the outcome of the Mission City, Campbell River game.

Kimberley DynamitersRegular SeasonNorth Vancouver Wolf Pack
4.35Offence (GFA)4.61
2.77Defence (GAA)2.98
0.904Goaltending (SV%)0.904
23.85%Power Play17.67%
87.38%Penalty Kill81.99%
30.83%Top 3 Dependence32.30%
Jason Richter (39G-31A)Top ScorerMitchell Crisanti (33G-30A)
Braden Saretsky (19G-35A)2nd Top ScorerSpencer Quon (19G-42A)
Coy Prevost (14G-35A)3rd Top ScorerBrodyn Nielsen (26G-28A)
Eric Buckley (103)PIM LeaderSpencer Quon (99)

3.14Offence (GFA)5.00
2.27Defence (GAA)2.80
0.926Goaltending (SV%)0.908
28.40%Power Play31.17%
84.71%Penalty Kill90.67%
43.51%Top 3 Dependence46.77%
Braden Saretsky (18G-11A)Top ScorerMitchell Crisanti (19G-17A)
Coy Prevost (11G-8A)2nd Top ScorerSpencer Quon (7G-25A)
Jason Richter (5G-14A)3rd Top ScorerBrodyn Nielsen (13G-13A)
Justin Meier (36)PIM LeaderDaniel Tait (40)

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters lose in double OT to the Campbell River Storm #CTC2015

Game Notes
  • The webcast kept confusing Taylor Rocca, the Kimberley Bulletin/Cranbrook Townsman sports reporter, with me calling him a blogger. I know this because they were citing what he said not what I said.
  • Coach Bancks noted the difference in games played. Just for the record: Kimberley played 74 games (52 Regular, 22 Playoff); Mission City 61 games (44 Regular, 17 Playoff) North Vancouver 59 games (44 Regular, 15 Playoff); Campbell River 61 games (48 Regular, 13 Playoff). So Kimberley has played 13-15 more games than other teams in this tournament.
  • Tyson Brouwer started against Riley Welyk
  • Kimberley changed up their offensive and defensive lines because of the stale start to the game yesterday.
Campbell River averaged nearly six goals per game during the regular season, and 4.5 during the playoffs. Needless to say, they were fast paced, and the Nitro's matched, so there were a lot of chances. The Storm opened the scoring as they snapped a shot from the slot in. Later the storm tried a play from behind the net, but Brouwer was up to the task. Kimberley had their share of chances as they fired 13 shots on net to Campbell Rivers 8.

Kimberley started the period with a 49 second PP. The Storm held off the Dynamiters. Later Buckley was penalized, followed by Kinnon (although it was more of an awkward fall). As the period past the midway point, Busch fired a shot from the point that was redirected by Prevost. Campbell River then got a breakaway chance as they cut around the defender and tucked it past Brouwer. The Storm were up 2-1. As the period winded down, Buckley did what he does best, and pestered a defender, forcing a turnover, Roy then took the puck and fired it on net, Haase followed up and scored on the rebound with 30 seconds remaining to tie the game 3-2. Kimberley led in shots 12-11.

The intensity increased as the period went on. Richter blew in, fired a shot that sailed in, giving the Dynamiters their first lead of the game. Brouwer kept up his awesome performance, especially with the help of the defenders. There was a moment when Kinnon perfectly played a one-on-one, killing the Storms offensive rush. However, the Storm kept pressing and chipped one in, tying the game. There was still half a period left. Both teams fought knowing that winning in regulation gets them three points, whereas an OT victory is two points. Kimberley definitely had the better chances in the final minute, but the Storm kept the gate closed. And this game was headed to OT. Shots were 11-10 for Kimberley

So the rules for OT. First OT is five minutes 4-on-4. Second OT is five minutes 3-on-3, a penalty results in a penalty shot. If the game is still tied, then it is a shootout. Also, in OT, the winning team gets two points and the losing team gets one.

4-on-4. A little more space out there. Kimberley kept up their pressure that they had at the end of the third period. But neither team was able to claim the victory.

3-on-3. Even more space. The Storm seemed to have an extra jump in their skate, as they had several great opportunities. They cut past a defender, but Brouwer made the save. Later, the caught Brouwer in a vulnerable position, but the puck went straight through the crease. Kimberley tried to muster up some chances, but got caught pinching in. The resulting 2-on-1 gave the Storm the chance they needed to chip in the game winning goal.

Kimberley collects one point in their OT loss. That gives them four points in the tournament thus far, and leaves them sitting in 2nd place for today regardless of the result tonight. Tomorrow's games will be crucial.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Tyler Kinnon - played physically, sound positionally, and had an A on the Nitro's first goal.

Honorable Mentions
Jason Richter - solid effort in both ends, scored a handsome goal. MVP of the Game.
Coy Prevost - 1G created several other chances.

Further Reading
Taylor Rocca write up (this is the same article that appeared in Campbell River Mirror)

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Campbell River Storm #KIJHL #VIJHL #CTC2015

The Campbell River Storm got to the Cyclone Taylor Cup by winning the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League. They finished top in their division, and second in the VIJHL during the regular season.

The Storm won their opening game with a 6-3 victory over the North Vancouver Wolf Pack. Special teams were crucial in the game, the Storm scored 2 PPG and 2 SHG. If the Dynamiters want to win this, they are going to need to match the Special Teams game, and deal with the Storm's top three scorers who were on the scoresheet in their win.

Kimberley DynamitersRegular SeasonCampbell River Storm
4.35Offence (GFA)5.83
2.77Defence (GAA)2.44
0.904Goaltending (SV%)0.892
23.85%Power Play23.25%
87.38%Penalty Kill86.69%
30.83%Top 3 Dependence30.58%
Jason Richter (39G-31A)Top ScorerGage Colpron (42G-42A)
Braden Saretsky (19G-35A)2nd Top ScorerWill McNamara (36G-44A)
Coy Prevost (14G-35A)3rd Top ScorerColin Blake (30G-47A)
Eric Buckley (103)PIM LeaderThor Rosback (131)

3.14Offence (GFA)4.54
2.27Defence (GAA)1.54
0.926Goaltending (SV%)0.934
28.40%Power Play17.74%
84.71%Penalty Kill87.04%
43.51%Top 3 Dependence30.89%
Braden Saretsky (18G-11A)Top ScorerDane Feeney (10G-9A)
Coy Prevost (11G-8A)2nd Top ScorerGage Colpron (13G-5A)
Jason Richter (5G-14A)3rd Top ScorerJosiah Friesen (11G-5A)
Justin Meier (36)PIM LeaderReese Costain (39)

Dynamiters win their first game of the Cyclone Taylor Cup with a 2-1 victory over the hosts

The Dynamiters opened their Cyclone Taylor Cup tournament up against the host town, Mission City Outlaws. The venue was reported as sold out, with 650 in attendance.

Game Notes
  • As the host community, Mission City had a pass into the tournament regardless of their performance. However, the Outlaws finished third in their division, and made it to the PJHL finals.
  • Tyson Brouwer started against Bryce Phenix.
  • The broadcast crew definitely favored the hometown, which is understandable, they covered their team all season long... So the Dynamiters were a foreign team to them.
It was the classic feeling out period. But both teams rely on speed, so there were quality chances at both ends. Both teams also follow through on their checks, so it was a physical start. The broadcast crew kept bragging about their player, Pisiak, who, yes, was impressive to watch, but they made him sound like an outstanding high caliber player. He scored 43 goals, our Richter scored 39. So in my mind, both teams have potent offensive players. Kimberley got two PP opportunities but couldn't capitalize. The best chance came after Prevost fired a shot on net and the Nitro's banged away at the rebound but couldn't get it in. The Outlaws relied on back door plays, but Brouwer flopped and dove around and kept the puck out, sometimes with the assistance of defenders. After 20 minutes, it was 0-0, and Kimberley led in shots 15-13.

Kimberley took three hooking penalties in a row, plus Mission got a penalty shot opportunity. Brouwer didn't give in to any head fakes and followed the puck, keeping the game at zero. Being shorthanded so many times, gave Kimberley chances on the PK. They had moments where a rebound laid loose in the crease, and Mission had several opportunities in the slot, or via cross crease plays, but the game remained knotted at zero. Lane was a targeted man for some reason (I may have missed something), but got caught awkwardly while trying to check an Outlaw player and was penalized for tripping; giving the Outlaws their fourth Power-Play of the period, fifth in a row. They Dynamiters penalty killing was stellar, all sacrificing the body. After 40 minutes, the game was still 0-0, but with all of the chances for Mission, they led in shots 13-8.

The Kimberley Bulletin reporter, Taylor Rocca, wished for goals, and he got them. A 1:43 into the period, Saretsky took a won face-off to the slot and fired it in, giving the Kimberley Dynamiters a 1-0 lead. Mission City had their own plans, as a point shot found it's way in, and the Outlaws tied the game 11 seconds later. Nearly two minutes later, Jowsey lobbed a puck out of his end, and connected an "end zone" like pass with Hunt. Hunt broke in and squeezed the puck in. The Dynamiters now had a 2-1 lead. That was just three goals in four minutes. Quite the offensive outburst after 40 minutes of scoreless hockey. The Dynamiters continued their parade to the penalty box, as they took their sixth and seventh penalties in a row. Understandably, Bancks was getting frustrated as the stick infraction calls seemed one sided, when a Nitro would get tripped and nothing was called. Kimberley finally did get a power play chance with four minutes remaining. But the score remained 2-1. With 1:02 left, Mission City called a timeout and pulled their goalie. The Dynamiters kept the puck along the boards eating up the remaining time and sealing the victory.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Tyson Brouwer - 38 saves, some of them stellar desperation saves. Kept the team in the game as they were heavily penalized during the second period. I think Taylor Rocca's opening line in his article sums up how we are experiencing Brouwer, "New competition, new rink, new town and yet Tyson Brouwer keeps on doing the same old thing — frustrating opponents."

Honorable Mentions
Braden Saretsky - Opened the scoring for the Dynamiters in the Cyclone Taylor Cup.
Kenaan Haase (and other PK players) - Blocked some heavy wind up slap shots.
Sawyer Hunt - The KI pretty boy scored the GWG.

Further Reading

Friday, 3 April 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Mission Outlaws #KIJHL #CTC2015 #PJHL

The Kimberley Dynamiters play their first game of the Cyclone Taylor Cup tonight in Mission against the host team, the Mission Outlaws.

The Mission Outlaws are from the Pacific Junior Hockey League, they placed third in their division and made their way to the PJHL finals. As the host community, they had a ticket to the Cyclone Taylor Cup.

Kimberley DynamitersRegular SeasonMission Outlaws
4.35Offence (GFA)3.93
2.77Defence (GAA)3.64
0.904Goaltending (SV%)0.893
23.85%Power Play22.55%
87.38%Penalty Kill80.00%
30.83%Top 3 Dependence31.27%
Jason Richter (39G-31A)Top ScorerBryce Pisiak (43G-21A)
Braden Saretsky (19G-35A)2nd Top ScorerDavid McGowan (10G-41A)
Coy Prevost (14G-35A)3rd Top ScorerBrody Dyck (19G-18A)
Eric Buckley (103)PIM LeaderJacob Gushue (124)

3.14Offence (GFA)3.65
2.27Defence (GAA)4.00
0.926Goaltending (SV%)0.895
28.40%Power Play13.92%
84.71%Penalty Kill78.95%
43.51%Top 3 Dependence42.56%
Braden Saretsky (18G-11A)Top ScorerBryce Pisiak (15G-11A)
Coy Prevost (11G-8A)2nd Top ScorerDavid McGowan (8G-13A)
Jason Richter (5G-14A)3rd Top ScorerRam Brar (5G-11A)
Justin Meier (36)PIM LeaderJacob Gushue (116)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Setting up the 2015 Cyclone Taylor Cup

Welcome to the stats package preview for the upcoming 2015 Cyclone Taylor Cup. (I do apologize for any errors, if you spot some, let me know!)

I have bolded and italicized the leading team in each category. For the scoring leaders, I have bolded and italicized the top three leaders in the regular season, and the top three in the playoffs.

Kimberley DynamitersRegular SeasonCampbell River Storm
4.35Offence (GFA)5.83
2.77Defence (GAA)2.44
0.904Goaltending (SV%)0.892
23.85%Power Play23.25%
87.38%Penalty Kill86.69%
30.83%Top 3 Dependence30.58%
Jason Richter (39G-31A)Top ScorerGage Colpron (42G-42A)
Braden Saretsky (19G-35A)2nd Top ScorerWill McNamara (36G-44A)
Coy Prevost (14G-35A)3rd Top ScorerColin Blake (30G-47A)
Eric Buckley (103)PIM LeaderThor Rosback (131)

3.14Offence (GFA)4.54
2.27Defence (GAA)1.54
0.926Goaltending (SV%)0.934
28.40%Power Play17.74%
84.71%Penalty Kill87.04%
43.51%Top 3 Dependence30.89%
Braden Saretsky (18G-11A)Top ScorerDane Feeney (10G-9A)
Coy Prevost (11G-8A)2nd Top ScorerGage Colpron (13G-5A)
Jason Richter (5G-14A)3rd Top ScorerJosiah Friesen (11G-5A)
Justin Meier (36)PIM LeaderReese Costain (39)

Mission City OutlawsRegular SeasonNorth Vancouver Wolf Pack
3.93Offence (GFA)4.61
3.64Defence (GAA)2.98
0.893Goaltending (SV%)0.904
22.55%Power Play17.67%
80.00%Penalty Kill81.99%
31.27%Top 3 Dependence32.30%
Bryce Pisiak (43G-21A)Top ScorerMitchell Crisanti (33G-30A)
David McGowan (10G-41A)2nd Top ScorerSpencer Quon (19G-42A)
Brody Dyck (19G-18A)3rd Top ScorerBrodyn Nielsen (26G-28A)
Jacob Gushue (124)PIM LeaderSpencer Quon (99)

3.65Offence (GFA)5.00
4.00Defence (GAA)2.80
0.895Goaltending (SV%)0.908
13.92%Power Play31.17%
78.95%Penalty Kill90.67%
42.56%Top 3 Dependence46.77%
Bryce Pisiak (15G-11A)Top ScorerMitchell Crisanti (19G-17A)
David McGowan (8G-13A)2nd Top ScorerSpencer Quon (7G-25A)
Ram Brar (5G-11A)3rd Top ScorerBrodyn Nielsen (13G-13A)
Jacob Gushue (116)PIM LeaderDaniel Tait (40)