Saturday, 30 January 2016

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Castlegar Rebels

Kimberley DynamitersvsCastlegar Rebels
1stDivision Standing2nd
T-2nd (4.12)Offence (GFA)6th (3.67)
2nd (2.14)Defence (GAA)6th (2.57)
0.923Goaltending (SV%)0.916
2nd (23.69%)Power Play4th (21.53%)
2nd (87.94%)Penalty Kill14th (83.80%)
1stPower Ranking4th
8-1-0-1Last 107-2-1-0
Jordan Busch (8G-51A)Top ScorerTayden Woods (26G-32A)
Eric Buckley (20G-38A)2nd Top ScorerNick Headrick (16G-34A)
Jared Marchi (25G-33A)3rd Top ScorerChris Breese (17G-30A)
Eric Buckley (91)PIM LeaderTyler Barrett (127)

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

KIJHL Goaltenders: Top Goalies

It's time that I do a goalie ranking system to be able to recognize those goalies that are playing well (similar to how I do a clutch scoring ranking for skaters).

First the data, it is from Monday January 25th and does not include any games or stat corrections since that date.

Second, the categories:

  • W% - I decided it was best to rank goalies by the percentage of games won, instead of total. For example, a goalie who has played 30 games and won 20, IMO, is not performing as well as a goalie who has played 25 games and won 20. So this number was calculated by Wins divided by Games Played. And then ranked accordingly
  • GAA - the usual
  • SV% - the usual
Third, points. Reverse scoring this time. The top goalie in the category received 20 points, second 19, third 18, etc. Until the 21st ranked goalie which it was zero then for the remaining keepers. Points for each category are then tallied together to create an overall score. The higher the score the better.

Fourth, only featuring the Top 20 goalies in the league that have played more than 10 games.

Finally, here is the stats collection (click to make larger):

The Kimberley Dynamiters hold off the Creston Valley Thunder Cats for a 4-3 win

This game, while stale at first, turned into that classic children's song, the cat came back, as the Thunder Cats showed resiliency in wanting to maintain their position in the standings. However, Kimberley was able to hold off the final attack.

Game Notes
  • A healthy turnout for a Tuesday night match, 446.
  • The Nitro's were without Richter, Meier, Moser and Doell. Meier started the game, but did not return. So the team played with a short bench.
  • Traichevich started against Fennell (appearing in his 4th KI game)
As I noted about stale, there was something slow to the first period. The Cats were really trying to control the pace, almost to a stop. Kimberley took the first penalty of the game. After successfully killing it off, including a nice save by Traichevich, the Dynamiters broke the draw. Marchi took a pass at centre and broke in alone, sniping in the first of the game. Assists to Buhler and Langelaar. The Dynamiters were penalized one more time before the end of the period. Brouwer played just under a minute this period as Traichevich dealt with an equipment issue. Shots were 9-5 Kimberley.

Didn't take long for the Nitro's to end up in the box, as the #BecauseItsBuckley flooded Nitro Nation. The Dynamiters then got a PP of their own, and Haase snapped a point shot in, assists to Busch and Marchi. But the Cats responded with a goal of their own that awkwardly got past Traichevich with a weird bounce. Marchi stole the show again as he worked to score his second goal of the game, assists to Colapaolo and Wit. Shots in the period were 15-9 Kimberley.

The Cats got on the board early, making it 3-2 with just under 17 minutes to play. Play on both sides intensified. Buckley gave the Dynamiters a 4-2 lead just before the midway point, assists to Haase and Hunt. Then this is where the officiating, which I felt had been sound, got puzzling. There was a scrum after the play stopped, but the extra activities continued, instead of separating the players or trying to calm them down, the ref kept blowing the whistle, repeatedly, inches away from ears, which is more aggravating and didn't really help ease the scrum. Then after the Cats came back again, making it 4-3. Kimberley was penalized for hooking, a strange call given what else had happened, with three minutes left. As Buckley chased down a skater he was blind sided, didn't see the hit coming, interference was called.... but so was diving on Buckley. #BecauseItsBuckley x2. So Creston kept their late in the period PP. The Nitro's kept pressuring, eating up time, and held on to their 4-3 lead for the victory.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jared Marchi - 2G 1A. He was a force all over the ice.

Honorable Mentions
Franco Colapaolo - 1A. I lost count of how many take away's and interceptions he got during the game. Great job reading the play and back checking.
Kenaan Haase - 1G 1A
Trevor Van Steinburg - Showing versatility as he played on the back end.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

KIJHL Goaltenders: Workhorses

This is the first in a set of posts about KIJHL goalies. I figured I do a lot about the skaters, that is time to analyze the goalies so we can understand them more. (The data is from January 25 and does include games or stat corrections after that date).

Goalies had to appear in a minimum of 10 games, not necessarily play a full 600 minutes. (Only 35 meet the min. requirements)

This first post is about the workload the goalies carry. We will look at minutes played, and then next shots per game.

The first grouping looks at the top 25 goaltenders that have played the most minutes. I have added a category of MIN/60 which shows the number actual 60 minute games they have played. If this number is higher than the GP, this suggests that they have played games in OT. If it is less than the GP it suggests that they have played a partial game (either been relieved or came in for relief). If there was a game started field that was tracked it would be potentially be easier to tell who comes in for relief more often.

1 Daniel Paul North Okanagan Knights 35 2058 34.30
2 Brock Lefebvre Creston Valley Thunder Cats 33 2002 33.37
3 Tyson Brouwer Kimberley Dynamiters 31 1873 31.22
4 Nic Bruyere Chase Heat 30 1786 29.77
5 Zane Steeves 100 Mile House Wranglers 29 1751 29.18
6 Jeff Orser Fernie Ghostriders 27 1622 27.03
7 Anthony Galliart  Grand Forks Border Bruins 28 1601 26.68
8 Brett Soles Osoyoos Coyotes 27 1541 25.68
9 Spencer Eschyschyn Kamloops Storm 24 1477 24.62
10 Brady Lenardon Kelowna Chiefs 24 1430 23.83
11 Connor McKay  Columbia Valley Rockies 24 1341 22.35
12 Patrick Kasper Spokane Braves 24 1322 22.03
13 Trevor Dilauro Revelstoke Grizzlies 23 1288 21.47
14 Blake Norman  Spokane Braves 22 1284 21.40
15 Matthew Huber  Summerland Steam 24 1248 20.80
16 Joseph Mcleod  Castlegar Rebels 21 1224 20.40
17 Michael Lenko Sicamous Eagles 22 1218 20.30
18 Patrick Ostermann Nelson Leafs 23 1200 20.00
19 Aidan Doak Revelstoke Grizzlies 20 1196 19.93
20 Logan Sawka Castlegar Rebels 19 1137 18.95
21 Giovanni Sambrielaz  Columbia Valley Rockies 22 1136 18.93
22 Stephen Heslop Osoyoos Coyotes 17 1037 17.28
23 Joshua Tetlichi  Kelowna Chiefs 17 1002 16.70
24 Drake Poirier Beaver Valley Nitehawks 16 957 15.95
25 Chandler Billinghurst  Princeton Posse 20 905 15.08

The other way to look at goaltender workload is the number of shots they face in a game. I have included their save percentage (to four decimal places) in this grouping.

Again, looking at the top 25 goalies. Four goalies face 40 or more shots per game! To me, what is impressive is goalies who face more than 35+ shots per game and have a SV% above .9000 despite the massive workload.

1 Owen Sikkes Golden Rockets 358 0.8687 44.3
2 Stephen Heslop Osoyoos Coyotes 763 0.9384 44.1
3 Blake Norman  Spokane Braves 932 0.8938 43.6
4 Trevor Dilauro Revelstoke Grizzlies 862 0.9060 40.2
5 Chandler Billinghurst  Princeton Posse 592 0.8851 39.2
6 Anthony Galliart  Grand Forks Border Bruins 1011 0.9209 37.9
7 Adam Derochie  100 Mile House Wranglers 500 0.9400 37.6
8 Nikki Maciurzynski Grand Forks Border Bruins 484 0.8884 37.2
9 Connor McKay  Columbia Valley Rockies 806 0.9082 36.1
10 Daniel Paul North Okanagan Knights 1229 0.9219 35.8
11 Michael Lenko Sicamous Eagles 721 0.9168 35.5
12 Patrick Kasper Spokane Braves 780 0.8577 35.4
13 Kolby Pauwels Sicamous Eagles 459 0.8780 35.1
14 Jeff Orser Fernie Ghostriders 947 0.9197 35.0
15 Zane Steeves 100 Mile House Wranglers 1018 0.9303 34.9
16 Logan Sawka Castlegar Rebels 648 0.9151 34.2
17 Joseph Mcleod  Castlegar Rebels 694 0.9337 34.0
18 Brandon Butler Fernie Ghostriders 377 0.9125 33.7
19 Tallon Kramer  Beaver Valley Nitehawks 364 0.9368 32.7
20 Brock Lefebvre Creston Valley Thunder Cats 1075 0.9209 32.2
21 Giovanni Sambrielaz  Columbia Valley Rockies 598 0.8829 31.6
22 Nic Bruyere Chase Heat 939 0.9286 31.5
23 Patrick Ostermann Nelson Leafs 617 0.9028 30.9
24 Brett Soles Osoyoos Coyotes 775 0.9368 30.2
25 Drake Poirier Beaver Valley Nitehawks 479 0.8873 30.0

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Creston Valley Thunder Cats

Kimberley DynamitersvsCreston Valley Thunder Cats
1stDivision Standing4th
T-2nd (4.12)Offence (GFA)4th (3.88)
2nd (2.12)Defence (GAA)9th (2.73)
0.924Goaltending (SV%)0.917
3rd (23.83%)Power Play4th (22.02%)
2nd (87.63%)Penalty Kill6th (85.80%)
1stPower Ranking2nd
8-1-0-1Last 106-4-0-0
Jordan Busch (8G-50A)Top ScorerAlec Wilkinson (12G-47A)
Eric Buckley (19G-38A)2nd Top ScorerCarson Cartwright (24G-24A)
Jared Marchi (23G-32A)3rd Top ScorerJames Severs (12G-27A)
Justin Meier (86)PIM LeaderJames Severs (166)

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Kimberley Dynamiters fend off the Columbia Valley Rockies for a 4-2 win

Photo by Jonathan Righton
Last week the Rockies defeated Kimberley 5-2, and then went on to beat Creston 5-4. With an 8-2 record in their past 10, the Rockies are one of the hottest, if not THE hottest team in the KI.

Game Notes
  • Brouwer got the start against Sambrielaz
  • Several players are out with injuries meaning there is ice time up for grabs for the Nitro's younger core.
  • 664 in attendance
Not to say the first period was uneventful, it was seriously entertaining, there was little on the scoresheet. It took seven minutes for the first whistle of the game as the Rockies iced the puck. It was back and forth hockey as both teams fought to get an edge over the other. The Nitro's got the first PP of the game with 41 seconds left in the period. - It seemed like there wasn't going to be ANY penalties called, as a lot of extra contact was being let go. The Rockies goalie frustrated the Nitro's fan base with how often the net was coming off. Nonetheless, the period ended knotted at zero, and the Rockies led 7-6 in shots.

The penalties started being called. The Rockies took several in a row, including giving the Nitro's a 5-on-3 chance. Coach Bancks has said this before, but when a team is tired they make poor decisions, it's also true with anger (which it's ok to be angry, just what you do with it). And with so many minutes player short handed, and the Rockies working so hard to keep the game tied, fatigue and anger would take it's toll on the game. The Nitro's book-ended the first goal of the game with penalties of their own. Buhler directed in a pass from Wit. - I missed the goal because my son needed a potty break.... correlation? It was 1-0 at the end of the period. Shots were 11-4 Kimberley.

For the Nitro's to maintain to win, they needed to keep pressuring the Rockies. For the Rockies to win, they needed to keep their shifts short. The Nitro's are known for fitness and playing a full 60 minutes.

The Nitro's quickly built on their lead as Buckley found Haase streaking through the slot and he was able to bang/snap a shot in. 2-0 Nitro's. Marchi gave the Nitro's a 3-0 lead as he knuckled the puck past a screened Rockies goalie. The Rockies took a 10 after the goal was scored. Moments later there as a pile up in the Rockies crease and there was one penalty per team. The Rockies, like the cat that came back, found their way back into the game making it 3-1 as they squeeze a puck through Brouwer with just under 10 minutes left. Kimberley had a 5 minute PP and capitalized three seconds after it expired as Trevor Van Steinburg made it 4-1. That didn't stop the Rockies from responding as they made it 4-2 with 90 seconds left. Then in the final minute, time slowed. The Rockies crowded the crease and were being called for interference, then Brouwer stood up for himself, and that's where things got ugly. It all ended when Tyler Van Steinburg body slammed an opponent to the ice. Four players were given two minutes, but told to go to the change room. The last 30 seconds were calm as Kimberley won the game 4-2.

The Nitro's had heaps of chances on the PP but were not able to solve the intense Rockies PK, and went 0/7 on the night.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Brodie Buhler - 1G 1A and drew several penalties.

Honorable Mentions
Devon Langelaar - Impressive puck control with the extra ice time due to injuries
George Bertoia - Solid defensive defenseman
Jordan Busch - 2A, KIJHL player of the game
Keenan Haase - 1G 1A

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Friday, 22 January 2016

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Columbia Valley Rockies

Kimberley DynamitersvsColumbia Valley Rockies
1stDivision Standing4th
2nd (4.12)Offence (GFA)5th (3.80)
2nd (2.12)Defence (GAA)16th (3.63)
0.925Goaltending (SV%)0.897
3rd (24.64%)Power Play9th (16.81%)
3rd (87.50%)Penalty Kill10th (84.32%)
1stPower Ranking13th
7-2-0-1Last 108-2-0-0
Eric Buckley (19G-37A)Top ScorerMichael Cardinal (26G-29A)
Jordan Busch (8G-48A)2nd Top ScorerNolan Menard (15G-18A)
Jared Marchi (22G-32A)3rd Top ScorerDonoven Quintin (14G-15A)
Justin Meier (86)PIM LeaderMichael Cardinal (99)

Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Kimberley Dynamiters control the play en route to a 4-0 win over the Nelson Leafs

After a confusing loss to the Rockies the night before (btw the Rockies won Saturday against Creston), the Nitro's this time took control of the game and played a well-organized possession game.

Game Notes
  • Former Nitro, Zach Morey, was dressed for the Leafs
  • Tyson Brouwer started against Patrick Ostermann
  • Nelson appeared to have a lot of AP's in the lineup (many players with full-face gear, and players without names on the jersey)
  • 415 attended the game in Nelson
The Dynamiter from Nelson, Hunt had a big first 10 minutes of the game, he was first on the score sheet with a penalty and then he opened the scoring on the powerplay. What became humorous as the game went on, was when Buhler made his first shift and the webcast crew from Nelson couldn't help but make references to Ferris Bueller. Kimberley held on their lead and outshot Nelson 9-5.

Nelson kept trying to attack, but the Dynamiters played with a lot of pressure in the neutral zone and at their own blue line, often creating turnovers. Busch gave the Dynamiters a two goal lead as he shot the puck in from the point past a blinded Leafs goalie. Continuing with his pattern from the first period, Hunt took a penalty, and then later returned to the ice to score, making it 3-0 Kimberley. The Nitro's led in shots 10-9.

This is really where Kimberley's ability to pressure the puck, with a fore-check, back-check, and neutral zone pressure helped them maintain possession and control. It took Nelson about five minutes to register their first shot of the period, and they only got one other this period. Wit scored his first as a Dynamiter, the Nitro's third PP goal of the game. Kimberley was on the PP for the last 5:40 of the game. Shots were 12-2 for Kimberley.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Sawyer Hunt - 2G in front of his hometown crowd

Honorable Mentions
Tanner Wit - 1G, 1st as a Nitro
Tyson Brouwer - 16 save shutout
Trey Doell - 2A
Kenaan Haase - 2A

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Saturday, 16 January 2016

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Nelson Leafs

Kimberley DynamitersvsNelson Leafs
1stDivision Standing4th
2nd (4.13)Offence (GFA)12th (2.95)
2nd (2.18)Defence (GAA)15th (3.50)
0.923Goaltending (SV%)0.901
2nd (23.76%)Power Play16th (11.90%)
4th(87.23%)Penalty Kill12th (83.98%)
1stPower Ranking16th
7-2-0-1Last 104-6-0-0
Eric Buckley (19G-36A)Top ScorerJordan Davie (19G-14A)
Jordan Busch (7G-48A)2nd Top ScorerEamonn Miller (13G-9A)
Jared Marchi (22G-32A)3rd Top ScorerRayce Miller (6G-15A)
Eric Buckley (93)PIM LeaderJordan Davie (69)

Kimberley Dynamiters lose 5-2 to the Columbia Valley Rockies

The games between the Kimberley Dynamiters and the Columbia Valley Rockies have typically been close, until the third period, which then Kimberley has won every contest. Well, the reverse happened against one of the hottest teams in the KIJHL.

Game Notes

  • Both teams came into the game sizzling. Rockies were 7-3; Nitro's 8-1-0-1. IMO, the Rockies are the most improved team in the KIJHL.
  • Campanella suited up against the Nitro's. Just before warm up, Coach Scottie yelled "Marco!" getting his attention, and then made a silly face - Priceless
  • 580 attended the game, including some Rockies faithful.
  • Tyson Brouwer started against Giovanni Sambrielaz - A month ago when these two teams played, Sambrielaz came on as relief for the injured McKay and was scored on three times.
  • Tanner Wit played his first home game with the Nitro's, and Franco Colapaola played his first game as a Nitro.
Using hindsight, the first goal of the game would be a defining moment and precursor for things to come. The goal was a bad ricochet in an uncoordinated play. Brouwer went out of his crease to play a puck that the Rockies had cleared down, the puck took a weird bounce, and in slow motion, slid across the goal line. 1-0 Rockies. Then this very confident looking official made some head scratching calls. Buhler was called for tripping when the ref wasn't even looking at him, and was looking at another play. Buckley was called for charging, while standing stationary. Nonetheless, Kimberley somehow managed to outshoot the Rockies 16-6 in the first.

Colapaola snapped a shot from the slot, and the puck squirted loose behind the goalie, and Farmer made sure it crossed the line, 1-1 game. Speaking of that loose puck, there were a lot of moments when Kimberley was on the attack, that the play was blown dead despite the puck still being loose. The Rockies restored their lead on the PP, with a crafty backhand goal. Then during the last quarter of the period, a fleet of Nitro's and Rockies crashed into Brouwer, knocking his helmet loose and the net off, but there was no call made - infuriating. The period ended 2-1, and shots were 13-10 for Kimberley.

The Rockies jumped to a quick 3-1 lead. Buhler and Marchand dropped the gloves and exchanged punches. It was classy to see the two of them congratulate eachother with pats after the fight. Then the full on attack by Kimberley began as they tried to level the game. Marchi helped cut into the lead as he deflected a point shot by Busch, 3-2. AND THEN, with just under four minutes of play left, Tyler Van Steinburg rifled a point shot, there was a massive *cling* sound, different from the *ping* sound of the outside post. The puck deflected out of the net, goal light went on, and play resumed. Coaches, players and fans all called a goal. When play stopped, the ref consulted with the linesmen, they then skated over to the net, not the goal judge and discussed what may have made that sound. They decided it was post and waved off the goal. Needless to say the stands were upset, beer cups came flying down, and the fans began cheering "Larry!" (the name of the goal judge). Kimberley was then penalized on a good defensive play by Bertoia, which led to the Rockies scoring their 4th goal. Then with the net empty, they got their 5th. 5-2 Rockies when the period ended. Shots were 11-7 Rockies.

Dynamite Player of the Game
George Bertoia - 1A. He had several moments of flash offence. KIJHL Player of the Game

Honorable Mentions
Trevor Van Steinburg - he sacrificed the body for the team, twice in one PK
Brody Buhler - he is a genuine player. His honesty got the best of him as he automatically skated to the box for a delay of game penalty despite the call being discussed.

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Friday, 15 January 2016

KIJHL Clutch Scorers - January 15, 2016

Time for the first clutch scorers ranking of 2016! There is only one more for this season, when the season comes to an end in February.

Observations first:
  • While I do use the clutch scorers to help inform KIJHL POM picks, the past POM picks were not based on these current rankings, nor does this ranking inform the next months POM. I do this process ALL OVER AGAIN, but don't release the numbers.
  • Four new players: Braden Hughes, Jonathan Lee, Justin Peers and Bryson Yee cracked the list this month and were not ranked last month.
  • Most improved from last month: Braden Fuller (+15) - that is the biggest improvement in one month to date. Eric Buckley and Kenaan Haase (+13) also had considerable improvements.
  • Jordan Busch and Braden Hughes are the only d-men to make the list.
  • Here is the list!
1 Carson Cartwright Creston Valley Thunder Cats 24 4 8 1 2 39
2 Eric Buckley  Kimberley Dynamiters 12 14 0 1 12 39
3 Braden Fuller Beaver Valley Nitehawks 20 9 2 0 6 37
4 Jared Marchi Kimberley Dynamiters 10 15 2 0 10 37
5 Logan Mostat  Chase Heat 18 8 4 0 6 36
6 Zach Befus Fernie Ghostriders 22 10 0 0 4 36
7 Jack Mills Summerland Steam 16 1 6 4 8 35
8 Jordan Busch  Kimberley Dynamiters 8 27 0 0 0 35
9 Keenan Haase  Kimberley Dynamiters 14 7 0 1 12 34
10 Kolten Moore Chase Heat 8 8 4 0 14 34
11 Alec Wilkinson Creston Valley Thunder Cats 4 22 0 0 6 32
12 Jace Weegar Beaver Valley Nitehawks 8 18 0 0 6 32
13 Jason Richter Kimberley Dynamiters 20 6 2 0 4 32
14 Tayden Woods  Castlegar Rebels 16 11 0 0 2 29
15 Cole Keebler Fernie Ghostriders 2 12 10 0 4 28
16 Rainer Glimpel Osoyoos Coyotes 16 10 0 2 0 28
17 James Severs Creston Valley Thunder Cats 10 11 0 0 6 27
18 Josh Baird Kelowna Chiefs 10 9 2 0 6 27
19 Micheal Cardinal Columbia Valley Rockies 6 13 6 2 0 27
20 Braeden Tuck  Osoyoos Coyotes 6 10 0 1 8 25
21 Bobby LaRue Osoyoos Coyotes 10 4 2 0 8 24
22 Braden Hughes Chase Heat 12 10 0 0 2 24
23 Jonathan Lee Kelowna Chiefs 10 9 0 1 4 24
24 Justin Peers Fernie Ghostriders 12 8 0 3 0 23
25 Bryson Yee  Grand Forks Border Bruins 14 1 2 1 4 22

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Columbia Valley Rockies

Kimberley DynamitersvsColumbia Valley Rockies
1stDivision Standing4th
2nd (4.18)Offence (GFA)5th (3.74)
2nd (2.10)Defence (GAA)16th (3.66)
0.925Goaltending (SV%)0.897
2nd (23.86%)Power Play9th (16.59%)
2nd (87.78%)Penalty Kill11th (84.14%)
1stPower Ranking13th
8-1-0-1Last 107-3-0-0
Eric Buckley (19G-36A)Top ScorerMichael Cardinal (24G-27A)
Jordan Busch (7G-47A)2nd Top ScorerNolan Menard (15G-17A)
Jared Marchi (21G-32A)3rd Top ScorerDonoven Quintin (14G-14A)
Eric Buckley (91)PIM LeaderMichael Cardinal (99)

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Kimberley Dynamiters blank Grand Forks Border Bruins 4-0

Unfortunately I was unable to catch the game. But here are a couple things that stood out to me:

  • Congratulations to Mitch Traichevich on being named the star of the game after earning his second shut out of the season.
  • James Rota had a strong performance, two goals and an assist.
  • Kimberley killed all penalties against them
  • Busch and Haase both had 2A
Here is the boxscore from the game:

team logoteam logo
Kimberley Dynamiters@Grand Forks Border Bruins
Kimberley Dynamiters1124
Grand Forks Border Bruins0000
Kimberley Dynamiters13131137
Grand Forks Border Bruins68721
Kimberley Dynamiters1 for 7 (14.3%)
Grand Forks Border Bruins0 for 5 (00.0%)
GAME DATEJan. 9, 2016
LOCATIONGrand Forks Arena 
REFEREE 1Flanagan
LINESMAN 1Chapdelaine
Grand Forks Border Bruins
Connor Manegre
Kimberley Dynamiters
Mitch Traichevich
Kimberley Dynamiters at 17:37 Eric Buckley from James Rota andKeenan Haase1-0 KD
Kimberley Dynamiters at 13:20 (PP) Korbyn Chabot from Jordan Buschand Keenan Haase2-0 KD
Kimberley Dynamiters at 13:54 James Rota from Jordan Busch and Trey Doell3-0 KD
Kimberley Dynamiters at 2:38 James Rota from Lucas Purdy and Brodie Buhler4-0 KD
Kimberley Dynamiters at 14:37 - Tyler Van Steinburg for Holding the stick (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 8:09 - George Bertoia for Delay of game (2 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 5:21 - Bryson Yee for Fighting (5 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 5:21 - Sawyer Hunt for Fighting (5 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 5:21 - Bryson Yee for Game Misconduct
Kimberley Dynamiters at 5:21 - Sawyer Hunt for Game Misconduct
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 4:57 - Josh Gladman for Misconduct (10 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 4:57 - Josh Gladman for Roughing (2 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 1:33 - Connor Manegre for Roughing (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 1:33 - Brodie Buhler for Roughing (2 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 14:19 - Garret Brisebois for Holding (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 8:45 - Mitch Traichevich for Delay of game (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 2:20 - Trey Doell for Hooking (2 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 0:00 - Chad Grambo for Roughing (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 0:00 - Tanner Wit for Roughing (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 17:17 - Keenan Haase for Slashing (2 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 9:27 - Ryland Smaha-Muir for Delay of game (2 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 7:04 - Grayson Neufeld for Misconduct (10 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 7:04 - Grayson Neufeld for Head Contact (2 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 6:11 - Ryland Smaha-Muir for Tripping (2 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 3:44 - Dylan Haney for Misconduct (10 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 1:17 - Garret Brisebois for Unsportsmanlike conduct (2 Min.)
Grand Forks Border Bruins at 1:17 - Jordan Robertson for Boarding (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 1:17 - Eric Buckley for Unsportsmanlike conduct (2 Min.)
2George Bertoia000E02
3Lucas Purdy011E00
6Devon Langelaar000E00
8Trey Doell011E02
9Tanner Wit000E02
10Jordan Busch022E00
12Eric Buckley101E02
15Jared Marchi000E00
16James Rota213E00
17Austyn Moser000E00
19Graham Dugdale000E00
20Tyler Van Steinburg000E02
21Trevor Van Steinburg000E00
22Sawyer Hunt000E05
24Brodie Buhler011E02
26Korbyn Chabot101E00
27Keenan Haase022E02
33Mitch Traichevich (W)60:002121
1Tyson Brouwer (Backup)0:0000