Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Dynamiters lost 2-1 to Fernie Ghostriders in a game that had it all

The third game in a row for the two teams lived up to expectations. It was standing room only as more than 1,100 people jammed into the arena, apparently people were even turned away! Everyone in attendance was treated to a stellar game.

Game Notes
  • Korbyn Chabot (AP) dressed for his 3rd game
  • 17 players dressed
  • Injuries/Scratches: Campanella, Roy, Gordon, Van Steinburg, Hunt, Pagura
  • Brouwer started the game
The period was fast and furious. Both goalies faced heaps of shots and great chances. As the period began to close, Georgopoulos scored for the Ghostriders, and they took a 1-0 lead into the break. The shots were 14-10 for Kimberley.

The highlight of this period was that after Peers gave the Riders a 2-0 lead, a chicken was tossed onto the ice. And not a frozen chicken, a living one! The webcast crew kept calling in the "Hosmer chicken" so I am sure there is a story there. But the officials didn't grab the chicken, they had Peers do it! The Ghostriders led in shots 11-8.

The third period is always dramatic between these two teams. First there was the webcast, which bugged out a little with a black screen and said the Dynamiters were winning 2-1.
Second. The Dynamiters looked like they would come back again. Saretsky scored a PP goal, and then with an almost identical timeline, the Nitro's were awarded more PP opportunities, but couldn't capitalize.
Third, injuries. This holidays series is always rough on both teams, which happened last year as well. Jowsey was the first Nitro player to go down with a hit to the face area (conflicting reports from it being a bruise on the jaw to a concussion), while I feel this hit could have warranted a penalty, it didn't happen and that's alright, these games are always hard hitting. Then Marchi went down, which I didn't see a hit, or anything for that fact, due to the camera angle. While I noted on twitter that these things unfortunately happen and happened last year, a freelance writer for the Fernie Free Press encouraged me to not point fingers. I wasn't. I appreciate when fans are sensitive, and I can understand why, because when the hit is illegal and causes injury, I am all over it, and sometimes when the injury is preventable, I am protecting my team. But as was the case last year when Revie was injured, I didn't complain, it was a clean hit. And I didn't complain or point fingers this time because reports say it was more an awkward spill than a hit. It was great to see the outpouring of support for Marchi:

I also questioned whether a situation like this with so little time left in the 3rd warranted playing the rest of the game the next time the two teams meet? Just wondering.

The Dynamiters tried to tie the game in the remaining time, but couldn't get it past the self-sacrificing Ghostrider D. The Dynamiters out shot the Ghostriders 12-8 this period.

And I think it is worthwhile to pull out a tweet from last year to summarize this holiday series (because Fernie also had a player go to the hospital)
Nitro's Player of the Game
Braden Saretsky - 1G

Honorable Mention
Tyson Brouwer - 27 saves
Charles Dagostin - Stood up for teammates, but never took a penalty.

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Monday, 29 December 2014

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Fernie Ghostriders

Kimberley DynamitersvsFernie Ghostriders
3rdDivision Standing1st
4th (3.97)Offence (GFA)2nd (4.79)
9th (3.20)Defence (GAA)5th (2.79)
15th (0.893)Goaltending (SV%)9th (0.903)
6th (21.25%)Power Play7th (19.05%)
5th (86.05%)Penalty Kill1st (91.72%)
6thPower Ranking2nd
5-3-1-1Last 108-1-0-1
Jason Richter (27G-17A)Top ScorerDoan Smith (28G-21A)
Lincoln Lane (8G-24A)2nd Top ScorerJoel Burgess (18G-20A)
Jordan Busch (6G-24A)3rd Top ScorerSam Plaquin (13G-25A)
Eric Buckley (82)PIM LeaderDylan Robertson (75)

KIJHL Power Rankings - December 29, 2014

Here is the last Power Ranking for this calendar year! Looking back, I have to admit it has been fun and humbling to see how popular this post-series is.

Osoyoos Coyotes and Fernie Ghostriders continue to maintain the 1 and 2 spots. The Chase Heat (ironically) are the hottest team in the league. And with this sudden freezing (at least that I am experiencing while I visit the prairies) has chilled three KIJHL teams: Castlegar Rebels, Princeton Posse, and Grand Forks Border Bruins are the coldest teams.

Here is the view of the Power Rankings.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Dynamiters couldn't complete the comeback and lose 6-4 to Fernie Ghostriders

Photo by Jonathan Righton
In the second match up of three in a row between the Kimberley Dynamiters and Fernie Ghostriders ended this time in Fernie's favor, with a 6-4 win over Kimberley.

Game Notes

  • 738 at the game!
  • Brouwer got the start
  • Scratches/Injuries: Dagostin, Campanella, Roy, Gordon, Hunt, Pagura
  • Only 16 players dressed for the game (have to wonder about fatigue)
The Dynamiters jumped out to a 1-0 lead thanks to a PP goal by Buckley from Jowsey and Marchi. The lead didn't last long as the Ghostriders (Plaquin & Neufeld) scored two goals within 12 seconds. The Ghostriders took a 2-1 lead into the dressing room, and had a lead in shots, 9-5.

In a pretty tame period, the Ghostriders added to their lead with a goal from Smith. They held onto their 3-1 lead for the remainder of the period. However, the Dynamiters struggled to solve Butler as they out shot Fernie 11-5.

The period of special teams. Ghostriders Smith scored two PP goals to complete the hat trick. With 10 minutes remaining, the game looked all but over as the Riders led 5-1. Busch scored a cleanup short-handed goal. The Dynamiters then scored two PP goals themselves from Lane and Richter. All of a sudden it was 5-4 with just over two minutes left. In desperation the Dynamiters pulled the goalie, and even had a PP opportunity as well. The Riders halted the comeback as they buried a puck in the empty net with two seconds left. The Dynamiters out shot the Ghostriders 11-10.

The two teams line up again on Monday at 7:30 in Fernie.

Nitro's Player of the Game
Eric Buckley. He opened the scoring, was in on the SH goal that got the comeback started, and added another assist. He was pesky enough to annoy the man behind the Ghostriders twitter account.

Honorable Mentions
Jordan Busch - 1G 1A
Jason Richter - 1G 1A

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It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Fernie Ghostriders

Kimberley DynamitersvsFernie Ghostriders
3rdDivision Standing1st
4th (3.97)Offence (GFA)2nd (4.75)
9th (3.12)Defence (GAA)5th (2.75)
18th (0.888)Goaltending (SV%)6th (0.908)
6th (20.13%)Power Play9th (18.48%)
3rd (87.10%)Penalty Kill1st (93.53%)
7thPower Ranking2nd
5-3-1-1Last 107-1-1-1
Jason Richter (26G-16A)Top ScorerDoan Smith (25G-20A)
Lincoln Lane (7G-24A)2nd Top ScorerJoel Burgess (18G-19A)
Jordan Busch (5G-23A)3rd Top ScorerCole Keebler (17G-19A)
Eric Buckley (80)PIM LeaderDylan Robertson (73)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

KIJHL All-Time All-Star Team vs 2013-14 Canadian NHL Teams

This is purely a post of, I am on holidays and have too much down time so now is the time to answer the 'what if I had enough time to do this' questions. And it is spilling onto this blog.

So the question is: What if you could build an All-Time KIJHL Alumni team and line them up against the current Canadian NHL teams . Thanks to the magic of WhatIfSports.com I can do that! So the KIJHL Alumni team faced each of the 2013-14 Canadian teams' twice.

So here is the lineup:


  • Ray Ferraro (91-92); Dallas Drake (92-93); Adam Deadmarsh (01-02)
  • Brian Skrudland (88-89); Alan Kerr (87-88); Greg Adams (91-92)
  • Steve Tambellini (80-81); Chuck Kobasew (08-09); Bill Lindsay (94-95)
  • Travis Green (96-97); David Oliver (95-96); Steve Bozek (81-82)


  • Shea Weber (13-14); Cody Franson (10-11)
  • Brad Lukowich (03-04); Jon Klemm (96-97)
  • Barret Jackman (11-12); Steve McCarthy (05-06)


  • Wade Dubielewicz (07-08)
  • Steve Passmore (99-00)


  • Dane Jackson (95-96) - F
  • Jamie Huscroft (95-96) - D
  • Jason Marshall (96-97) - D
Game Results (I don't expect you to read them all, but maybe just scroll through for your favourite Canadian team):

KIJHL Alumni 4
Calgary Flames 1 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 4
Calgary Flames 2 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 3
Edmonton Oilers 0 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 5
Edmonton Oilters 3 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 0
Montreal Canadiens 1 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 3
Montreal Canadiens 4 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 7
Ottawa Senators 1 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 7
Ottawa Senators 3 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 6
Toronto Maple Leafs 1 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 8
Toronto Maple Leafs 1 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 4
Vancouver Canucks 3 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 6
Vancouver Canucks 1 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 3
Winnipeg Jets 1 Boxscore

KIJHL Alumni 4
Winnipeg Jets 1 Boxscore

I will admit that I was gladly surprised that in 14 games, the KIJHL Alumni had 12 wins and two losses. They definitely dominated the Ontario teams (Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs), and lost two close games to the Montreal Canadiens.

If you got this far, thanks for reading and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Kimberley Dynamiters get a holiday gift with a 4-2 win over Fernie Ghostriders

Photo by Jonathan Righton
The last game before the holiday break featured the best rivalry in the KIJHL, the Kimberley Dynamiters and Fernie Ghostriders. The Nitro's got twice as many gifts as Fernie and won 4-2 on home ice.
Game Notes
The Ghostriders, determined to stay undefeated against the Dynamiters bolted out and took an early lead thanks to Burgess. The Dynamiters met their pace, however Orser kept the door closed, until Busch threw one at the net from the point that had eyes and sneaked in with 21 seconds left in the period. The score was tied 1-1, and the shots were tied 10-10.

Revie broke in on a pass from Busch and gave the Nitro's a 2-1 lead. Just over a minute later the Ghostriders scored on the PP from Burgess. Two minutes later the Dynamiters were buzzing around the net, Wallace was behind the net and guided it towards the net and Rosolowsky shot it past Orser. The Dynamiters had two PP chances as the period drew to a close, but couldn't build on their lead. The Nitro's outshot the Riders 8-4.

Haase did another one of his trick shots, he dumped the puck in from the blue line and instead of the puck rolling behind the net, it bounced off the dasher and he was the first to retrieve it and snapped it behind Orser. There were assists on the play, but the ref must have felt it was a dump-in and didn't award any assists (poor Prevost). The Dynamiters then clung onto their lead as the Ghostriders tried to get back in the game. Shots were 11-8 for the Ghostriders.

And I just had to say this at the end of the game:

The team now goes onto a Christmas break before returning for two back to back games against Fernie.

Player of the Game
Keenan Haase. His goal sucked the life right out of Fernie so early in the third. Also KIJHL star of the game.

Honorable Mentions
Tyson Brouwer - 23 save performance
Jordan Busch - 1G 1A. His goal brought life and energy back into the arena and team.

Further Reading

Saturday, 20 December 2014

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Fernie Ghostriders

Kimberley DynamitersvsFernie Ghostriders
3rdDivision Standing1st
4th (3.97)Offence (GFA)2nd (4.84)
9th (3.15)Defence (GAA)5th (2.71)
18th (0.888)Goaltending (SV%)6th (0.908)
6th (20.39%)Power Play9th (18.33%)
3rd (87.50%)Penalty Kill1st (93.43%)
7thPower Ranking2nd
5-3-1-1Last 108-0-1-1
Jason Richter (26G-15A)Top ScorerDoan Smith (25G-20A)
Lincoln Lane (7G-24A)2nd Top ScorerCole Keebler (17G-19A)
Coy Prevost (9G-18A)3rd Top ScorerJoel Burgess (16G-19A)
Eric Buckley (78)PIM LeaderDylan Robertson (73)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Dynamiters win on the road against the Creston Valley ThunderCats

In another divisional battle, where it has been hard to get wins on the road, the Dynamiters played a tight defensive game and squeaked out with a 2-1 win over the Thunder Cats. (And it has been a while since they got a road win)

Game Notes
  • Tyler Van Stienburg (AP) debuted. He is naturally a defenseman but was playing forward this game. Ironically his brother Trevor is naturally a forward and has been playing defense all season for the Nitro's. Tyler played 3 games with Nelson last season. He has played 16 games with the BCMML Kootenay Ice, scoring 3 goals and adding an assist.
  • Injuries/Scratches: Campanella, Roy, Gordon, Lane, Hunt, Pagura
  • Brouwer took to the net.
The Dynamiters were taking shots from all over the ice, crashing the net, they had an intensity about them. And finally in a shortened break in attack, Wallace gifted the puck to Rosolowsky who had no problem getting it past Lefebvre. The period remained high tempo with the Nitro's outshooting the Cats 11-5.

It was Creston's turn to increase the pace, and they did. Brouwer did a fantastic job of turning aside chances. But in a moment that he can't be faulted in, the Nitro's were caught crashing the net for a rebound and also for a line change and the Cats had what looked like a Flying V break away and tied the game with 3 minutes left in the period. The Cats outshot Kimberley this period 13-9.

The Dynamiters struck early, with Haase scoring from Prevost and Buckley, 28 seconds  in. The Dynamiters barricaded up their end and kept the action away from their net. The Cats tried to get pucks on net, but they couldn't get them past the blockade of defense. The Dynamiters escaped the final push, and won the game. They outshot the Cats 11-2 this period.

Nitro's Player of the Game
Keenan Haase - GWG, also KIJHL player of the game.

Honorable Mentions
Tyson Brouwer - 19 saves.
Trevor Van Steinburg - This might have been because there were two Van Steinburgs' on the ice, but there was a lot of times when the webcast crew said "shot blocked by Van Steinburg" and it seemed to correlate when Trevor was out there.
Alex Rosolowsky - Opened the scoring

Further Readings

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Creston Valley Thunder Cats

Kimberley DynamitersvsCreston Valley Thunder Cats
4thDivision Standing3rd
4th (4.03)Offence (GFA)12th (3.19)
9th (3.22)Defence (GAA)7th (3.03)
18th (0.888)Goaltending (SV%)5th (0.910)
6th (20.67%)Power Play14th (15.15%)
3rd (87.29%)Penalty Kill16th (78.85%)
7thPower Ranking12th
4-4-1-1Last 106-4-0-0
Jason Richter (26G-15A)Top ScorerCarson Cartwright (12G-20A)
Lincoln Lane (7G-24A)2nd Top ScorerAlec Wilkinson (7G-17A)
Coy Prevost (9G-17A)3rd Top ScorerConnor Kidd (4G-20A)
Eric Buckley (78)PIM LeaderMason Mazur (65)

Grading and Ranking the KIJHL Fan Bases

After seeing a post on The Hockey News ranking the NHL's fan bases, I thought it would be fun to do the same for the KIJHL, with some modifications due to different information being available.

So let's get to the categories:
  • Facebook - The number of Facebook "Likes" a team has (as of December 12, 2014)
  • Twitter - The number of Twitter followers a team has (as of December 12, 2014)
  • Average Attendance - Random sampling to determine the average attendance at home games
  • Fan Value - Multiply the adult ticket walk up price by the average attendance, over 26 regular season home games (doesn't include playoffs)

Each team was then graded on a curve. The curve is as follows, the team that ranked first in the category was graded 100% and the teams that followed were graded in comparison of the first ranked team. For example, Columbia Valley Rockies has the most FB Likes with 1,178, so 1,178 divided by 1,178 is 100%. Kimberley Dynamiters have 685 FB Likes, so 685 divided by 1,178 is 58%.

The Kamloops Storm do not track attendance, so the league average attendance was applied to them.


Facebook Likes: 134-1178
Twitter Followers: 265-1711
Average Attendance: 129-497
Walk Up Ticket Prices: $5-$10, with $10 also being the mode. The average price was $8.93.


Sicamous Eagles
Facebook: 252 Likes (21.4%)
Twitter: 440 Followers (25.7%)
Average Attendance: 143 (28.7%)
Fan Value: $37,050 (27.3%)
Total Points: 103.1

Beaver Valley Nitehawks
Facebook: 134 Likes (11.4%)
Twitter: 793 Followers (46.3%)
Average Attendance: 129 (25.9%)
Fan Value: $26,780 (19.7%)
Total Points: 103.3

Grand Forks Border Bruins
Facebook: 260 Likes (22.1%)
Twitter: 496 Followers (29.0%)
Average Attendance: 170 (34.2%)
Fan Value: $30,940 (22.8%)
Total Points: 108.0

Princeton Posse
Facebook: 462 Likes (39.2%)
Twitter: 265 Followers (15.5%)
Average Attendance: 143 (28.7%)
Fan Value: $37,050 (27.3%)
Total Points: 110.7

Summerland Steam
Facebook: 393 Likes (33.4%)
Twitter: 426 Followers (24.9%)
Average Attendance: 178 (35.7%)
Fan Value: $46,150 (34.0%)
Total Points: 128.0

North Oakanagan Knights
Facebook: 433 Likes (36.8%)
Twitter: 526 Followers (30.7%)
Average Attendance: 170 (34.2%)
Fan Value: $44,265 (32.6%)
Total Points: 134.3

Castlegar Rebels
Facebook: 314 Likes (26.7%)
Twitter: 341 Followers (19.9%)
Average Attendance: 253 (50.9%)
Fan Value: $52,624 (38.8%)
Total Points: 136.2

Spokane Braves
Facebook: 744 Likes (63.2%)
Twitter: 291 Followers (17.0%)
Average Attendance: 191 (38.3%)
Fan Value: $24,765 (18.2%)
Total Points: 136.7

Golden Rockets
Facebook: 281 Likes (23.9%)
Twitter: 639 Followers (37.3%)
Average Attendance: 214 (42.9%)
Fan Value: $55,510 (40.9%)
Total Points: 145.0

Revelstoke Grizzlies
Facebook: 412 Likes (35.0%)
Twitter: 572 Followers (33.4%)
Average Attendance: 203 (40.8%)
Fan Value: $52,780 (38.9%)
Total Points: 148.1

Chase Heat
Facebook: 427 Likes (36.2%)
Twitter: 477 Followers (27.9%)
Average Attendance: 226 (45.4%)
Fan Value: $58,695 (43.2%)
Total Points: 152.8

Osoyoos Coyotes
Facebook: 415 Likes (35.2%)
Twitter: 286 Followers (16.7%)
Average Attendance: 275 (55.3%)
Fan Value: $71,435 (52.6%)
Total Points: 159.8

Nelson Leafs
Facebook: 151 Likes (12.8%)
Twitter: 662 Followers (38.7%)
Average Attendance: 331 (66.5%)
Fan Value: $85,930 (63.3%)
Total Points: 181.3

Creston Valley Thunder Cats
Facebook: 210 Likes (17.8%)
Twitter: 560 Followers (32.7%)
Average Attendance: 375 (75.4%)
Fan Value: $97,500 (71.8%)
Total Points: 197.8

Kamloops Storm
Facebook: 511 Likes (43.4%)
Twitter: 1,071 Followers (62.6%)
*Average Attendance: 249 (50.1%)*
Fan Value: $64,740 (47.7%)
Total Points: 203.7

Columbia Valley Rockies
Facebook: 1,178 Likes (100.0%)
Twitter: 643 Followers (37.6%)
Average Attendance: 200 (40.2%)
Fan Value: $52,000 (38.3%)
Total Points: 216.1

Fernie Ghostriders
Facebook: 486 Likes (41.3%)
Twitter: 870 Followers (50.8%)
Average Attendance: 378 (76.0%)
Fan Value: $98,280 (72.4%)
Total Points: 240.5

Kelowna Chiefs
Facebook: 651 Likes (55.3%)
Twitter: 1,711 Followers (100.0%)
Average Attendance: 317 (63.8%)
Fan Value: $82,485 (60.8%)
Total Points: 279.8

Kimberley Dynamiters
Facebook: 685 Likes (58.1%)
Twitter: 676 Followers (39.5%)
Average Attendance: 478 (96.2%)
Fan Value: $124,345 (91.6%)
Total Points: 285.4

100 Mile House Wranglers
Facebook: 1065 Likes (90.4%)
Twitter: 339 Followers (19.8%)
Average Attendance: 497 (100.0%)
Fan Value: $135,749 (100.0%)
Total Points: 310.2

Monday, 15 December 2014

Fans skate with Dynamiters and Santa

And for me, my kids had so much fun skating with a Dynamiter each:

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Rockets crash and burn in Kimberley as Dynamiters win 5-1

Photo by Jodi L'Heureux
The Golden Rockets have really pushed the Kimberley Dynamiters around this season, especially when Kimberley visits Golden. But this time the Dynamiters returned the favor and beat the Rockets 5-1.

Game Notes

I must admit it seemed like the team had gaps in their lineup with Garcia & Klingspohn gone, but now with Lane & Saretsky in the lineup and developing chemistry with captain Richter, the team looks comfortable again. 
The first goal of the game came on the PP for the Dynamiters, Prevost who started the season as a sniper, fed the puck beautifully to Haase on a down-low 2-on-1, and Haase had no problem wristing the puck in the net. The Rockets outshot Kimberley 12-6. Brouwer was being kept busy.

The Rockets came storming out and tied the game, silencing the arena as there was fear about what would happen next. Then that new line, literally new, Lane-Saretsky-Richter came dashing in and Richter snapped the puck in. Lane got his first point as a Dynamiter. Minutes later Saretsky scored a trick shot type goal from an acute angle,his first goal as a Dynamiter from Mallard who got his first point in a Nitro uniform. Bromley had a beauty of a chance as he broke in on a 1-on-1, but I speculate the anxious butterflies got to him and he fluttered the puck just wide.The Dynamiters were up 3-1 heading into the third, however the Rockets outshot the Nitro's 11-9.

The Dynamiters looked convinced to seal the victory. Richter took this into his own hands, and while falling down in a scrum in front of the net with one hand on the stick he slid the puck 5-hole. Lane and Saretsky were in on the goal. Prevost found his scoring touch again and snapped one in as well, putting the star on the top of the tree. That was with 10 minutes left. In those last 10 minutes, 22 minutes of the games 32 PIM were called (18 to Golden). With that much time on the PP the Dynamiters outshot the Rockets 10-5.

Nitro's Player of the Game
Tyson Brouwer - 27 saves. Made several breathtaking and head-shaking saves.

Honorable Mentions
Rory Mallard - 2A, his first points with the Dynamiters. KIJHL Player of the game.
Charles Dagostin - Had the hit of the game in the 3rd, while short-handed, he flattened a Rocket's player right after a face-off, the Golden player took offence and retaliated and was given a penalty.
Coy Prevost - 1G 1A
Jason Richter - 2G including the GWG
Lincoln Lane - 2A, his first points as a Dynamiter
Braden Saretsky - 1G 2A (He has 1G 7A in 5GP with Dynamiters, whereas Klingspohn has 2G 1A in 7GP with Summerland)

Further Reading

Saturday, 13 December 2014

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Golden Rockets

Kimberley DynamitersvsGolden Rockets
4thDivision Standing2nd
4th (4.00)Offence (GFA)7th (3.74)
9th (3.29)Defence (GAA)17th (3.91)
18th (0.888)Goaltending (SV%)16th (0.898)
6th (20.83%)Power Play15th (14.00%)
3rd (86.84%)Penalty Kill12th (81.14%)
7thPower Ranking16th
3-5-1-1Last 106-1-0-3
Jason Richter (24G-15A)Top ScorerIan Desrosier (23G-20A)
Lincoln Lane (7G-22A)2nd Top Scorer Cole Mckechney (12G-29A)
Jordan Busch (4G-22A)3rd Top ScorerBraeden Allkins (13G-19A)
Eric Buckley (78)PIM LeaderSean Ripley (101)

Dynamiters lose an intense thriller to Spokane in OT

The Dynamiters traveled south of the border to take on the Spokane Braves, and despite dominating the play for large amounts of the game, the Braves escaped with a win in OT. On paper, both these teams are equal and they proved it.

Game Notes
Can you say injury bug? (INJURY BUG!) Campanella, Gordon, Hunt, Roy, Paguara and Barzilay are all out with injuries.
Rota (AP) dressed for his second game.
The Dynamiters dressed 17 players.
Brouwer got the start in net.

Penalties came fast and furious to start the period. There was 47 minutes worth of penalties, plus a game misconduct. Busch was able to snip one in for the Nitro's on the PP. The period dragged on in the final minute, as a Braves player was leveled. There was no penalty called on that hit (that I could tell), so the Braves appeared to take the policing into their own hands. It seemed like there was some bad blood from the last game that spilled over, which all I can tell is that Revie got a game misconduct last game, and was involved in this scrum; and this scrum alone accounted for 39 of the periods 47 PIM. The Dynamiters outshot Spokane 14-9.

The Dynamiters started the period on the PP, and had another chance on the PP, they just couldn't solve Dilauro. The Dynamiters kept the Braves hemmed in their end, plus didn't allow a shot for nearly 13 minutes of the game. Brouwer was equal to the task as well, making acrobatic saves. The Saretsky, Marchi and Richter line was buzzing with chance after chance, but just couldn't squeeze one in. The Braves got on the board on a PP of their own, despite the Nitro's leading in shots this period, 15-7.

No penalties were called, it was a free flowing finesse game. Neither team wanted to make a mistake and lose, but both were playing for the win. It was an entertaining period with both goalies making all the saves necessary to send this period into OT. The Braves led in shots 9-8.

So, I didn't see what happened because my connection took a vacation. All I know is that when I got connected again the Braves were celebrating. What I could make out of the description of the goal was Brouwer got caught out of net as he acted like a 3rd d-man, and then there was an ensuing turnover, and with just 27 seconds gone in OT, the Braves won 2-1. Executing revenge for the 2-1 loss they suffered in Kimberley.

Nitro's Player of the Game
Tyson Brouwer - Sure he didn't get the W, but he made some unreal saves, some while making a snow angel. Plus to switch from spectator (13 minutes without a shot) back to goaltender is impressive in it self.

Honorable Mentions
Jordan Busch - 1G
Braden Saretsky - He was  trying to make setup after setup, and either a teammates stick would get lifted negating the chance, or the Braves goalie was up to the task.

Further Reading

Friday, 12 December 2014

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Spokane Braves

Kimberley DynamitersvsSpokane Braves
4thDivision Standing4th
3rd (4.10)Offence (GFA)14th (3.13)
10th (3.33)Defence (GAA)11th (3.35)
18th (0.888)Goaltending (SV%)4th (0.910)
6th (20.86%)Power Play10th (17.65%)
3rd (87.27%)Penalty Kill4th (86.41%)
7thPower Ranking8th
3-6-1-0Last 104-6-0-0
Jason Richter (24G-15A)Top ScorerTanner Stolz (21G-9A)
Jordan Busch (3G-22A)2nd Top ScorerJonny Marzec (10G-16A)
Coy Prevost (8G-16A)3rd Top ScorerKurtis Redding (8G-18A)
Eric Buckley (78)PIM LeaderLance Noomen (86)

Thursday, 11 December 2014

We Have A Trade To Announce: Dynamiters acquire Lincoln Lane from Grand Forks for Futures

The Kimberley Dynamiters have acquired forward Lincoln Lane from the Grand Forks Border Bruins for Future Considerations. He currently sits on the Reserve roster as the I's get dotted, and T's get crossed.

Lane, from Cloverdale BC, has put up 29 points in 29 games, 7G and 22A. Looks like he will be a nice setup guy. With those 29 points he will slide into 2nd place in point production on the Nitro's roster; also those 29 points puts him past his season high 28 points from last year. Lane will also add some size up front, as he stands 6'1".

Lincoln Lane, Welcome to Nitro Nation! And I think we'll get along, we have the same favourite song, Barefoot Blue Jean Night.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

KIJHL Power Rankings - December 10, 2014

As we approach the holidays it is time to bring out the KIJHL Power Rankings.

We have a new #1 team again, the Osoyoos Coyotes find themselves on top of the rankings, with the Fernie Ghostriders knocking on the door.

The Hottest team this time around is the Kelowna Chiefs, improving 9 points; with Creston Valley Thunder Cats right behind them improving with 8 points.

The Revelstoke Grizzlies are the Cold Team right now compared to last standings, dropping 11 points.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dynamiters score 4 unanswered goals to crunch the Leafs 5-2

Photo by Jonathan Righton
The Dynamiters returned home where they have been very successful to face the Nelson Leafs. The Nitro's looked comfortable at home, didn't panic, and played with patience, as they beat Nelson 5-2.

Game Notes
Tyson Brouwer got the start in net.
Scatches/Injuries: Roy, Hunt, &Gordon
It was Alex Rosolowsky's birthday

The first period was a stale mate. Both teams took penalties, and shots were balanced at 8-apiece.

Nelson jumped out and took an early lead. Nelson tried again with a bouncing puck but Brouwer robbed them (absolute beauty!). Kimberley responded as Saretsky drove to the net and Ricther stuffed in the rebound. Nelson responded with a point shot that got deflected in. Nelson then got choppy and took several penalties in a row. Haase scored a PP goal on the 5-on-3. Half a minute later Wallace scored a PP goal on the 5-on-4. The period ended with the Dynamiters up 3-2, and also an edge in shots, 10-8.

The side-show highlight of the game goes to birthday boy Rosolowsky; a teammate lost their stick, Rosolowsky then from the opposite attacking side of the rink fired the stick towards the bench and it slide perfectly into the bench. The Dynamiters kept the Leafs at bay for the remainder of the period. Richter helped solidify the W when he scored a PP goal and then 34 seconds later scored an EN goal The Nitro's also outshot the Leafs 9-7.

Nitro's Player of the Game
Jason Richter. He was in on all five goals, 3G and 2A.

Honorable Mentions
Braden Saretsky - 3A
Jesse Wallace - GWG

Further Reading
Taylor Rocca in Kimberley Bulletin

Saturday, 6 December 2014

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Nelson Leafs

Kimberley DynamitersvsNelson Leafs
3rdDivision Standing1st
3rd (4.07)Offence (GFA)5th (4.00)
9th (3.38)Defence (GAA)4th (2.67)
18th (0.883)Goaltending (SV%)17th (0.885)
6th (20.61%)Power Play9th (18.06%)
3rd (87.04%)Penalty Kill2nd (91.91%)
8thPower Ranking3rd
2-7-1-0Last 106-2-0-2
Jason Richter (21G-13A)Top ScorerRobson Cramer (14G-20A)
Jordan Busch (3G-22A)2nd Top ScorerRayce Miller (19G-14A)
Coy Prevost (8G-16A)3rd Top ScorerAaron Dunlap (12G-18A)
Eric Buckley (66)PIM LeaderDarnel St. Pierre (78)

Playing on the road continues to be a struggle as Dynamiters lose 4-2 to Creston Valley

The Dynamiters braved the roads, that the entire East Kootenay is complaining about, to get to Creston. Turns out Creston was just as dangerous as the roads, and the Dynamiters lost 4-2 to Creston Valley.

Game Notes
Tyler Kinnon is back from injury.
Liam McBain got the start in net.

The fans in Creston came loaded with teddy bears to throw on the ice once the Thundercats scored. They had to wait 10 minutes before they could flood the ice with teddy bears. Despite the Cats leading on the scoreboard, the Dynamiters fired 16 shots at Lefebvre, while the Cats directed 7 towards McBain.

Mazur continued his parade to the penalty box, but the Nitro's couldn't capitalize on the man advantage. Richter had a beauty of a chance, fired it high glove side, and Lefebvre snagged it. The Dynamiters had an excellent PK, blocking many shots, and also forcing the Cats to ice the puck. Tempers began to rise as a Nitro player was hit from behind (called as boarding). The score remained 1-0 for Creston, but again Kimberley outshot Creston 14-6. You could tell the Dynamiters were in tough as Lefebvre had built a brick wall.

Creston took it to Kimberley early in the third, scoring a goal on a desperate attempt by a sprawling McBain, then notching a PP goal, and then scoring a deflating SH goal. After the SH goal, the Dynamiters looked sluggish as they were down 4-0. But with under three minutes the Dynamiters turned up the heat to deny Lefebvre from his blank sheet. Rosolowsky took a cross the crease pass from Hancherow and got it beheind Lefebvre. Buckley almost got one as he chipped the puck over a scrum in front of the net, but couldn't get past a Hasek-like sprawling Lefebvre. In the dying seconds, Busch lobbed a puck on net and it deflected off the post and in past Lefebvre. It was too little too late. And in this period of high octane shots, the Cats outshot the Nitro's 17-13.

Nitro's Player of the Game
Jordan Busch - Yes he scored a goal, but he was calming on the break out, and furious in defending.

Honorable Mentions
Tyler Kinnon - Blocked shots, like he usually does.
Alex Rosolowsky - 1G

Further Reading

Friday, 5 December 2014

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Creston Valley Thundercats

Kimberley DynamitersvsCreston Valley Thundercats
3rdDivision Standing4th
3rd (4.14)Offence (GFA)18th (2.85)
10th (3.36)Defence (GAA)6th (3.04)
18th (0.883)Goaltending (SV%)3rd (0.910)
4th (21.26%)Power Play17th (11.40%)
3rd (87.50%)Penalty Kill15th (80.68%)
8thPower Ranking13th
2-7-1-0Last 106-4-0-0
Jason Richter (21G-13A)Top ScorerSam Young (12G-11A)
Coy Prevost (8G-16A)2nd Top ScorerCarter Melnyk (4G-17A)
Jordan Busch (2G-22A)3rd Top ScorerRyan St. Jean (4G-12A)
Eric Buckley (64)PIM LeaderSam Young (98)