Monday, 30 March 2015

2015 Cyclone Taylor Cup Schedule

The following is the schedule for the Kimberley Dynamiters in the upcoming Cyclone Cup tournament in Mission, BC. For more information about the tournament, click here.
  • Friday, April 3 - vs Mission City Outlaws at 8:30 PM (MT)
  • Saturday, April 4 - vs Campbell River Storm at 4:00 PM (MT)
  • Sunday, April 5 - vs North Vancouver Wolf Pack at 4:00 PM (MT)
The Google Calendar has been updated, accessible under the schedule tab.

Fan Meet & Greet with 2015 KIJHL Champions

Photo's by Jonathan Righton
The Kimberley Dynamiters hosted a meet and greet for their fans, as the team showed off their new hardware and banners.

Each player was introduced by Coach Bancks. I think my favourite was "Santa's neighbour, number three, Charlie Dagostin."

With the whole lineup on the ice, they were one studly group of young men!

After the intro's, the players took the hardware and banners to the main concourse and the fans got to interact with, chat, take pictures, and so on with the players. While I know Coach Revie had many followers; in our house, Charlie (because my daughters name is Charlie) is the favourite. Both my kids sought out Charlie for an autograph. And then my son wanted Tyson's autograph, because he was "the guy with the trophy." My daughter sought out Braden because she liked playing floor hockey with him. Now both of them have hung the pages up in their room. (If you look closely, Braden wrote 'Thanks for the floor hockey' and my daughter loved it!)
I have to admit, Buckley called me out, right in the middle of the concourse that I had picked Fernie over them, and Osoyoos to win the whole thing. Which I admit I did because I picked with my head (using my power rankings) instead of my heart (wanted to keep emotions out of it). I tried to recover saying I picked them as the dark horse. But it was too late, I was wrong. I am wrong. I have to admit, I am glad I was wrong. I told him that I am behind them, heart and mind, for the Cyclone Cup. Boy have I learned my lesson.

It was great to see such great community support, from local leaders, to business, to family, friends and fans. Great time had by all.

Kimberley Dynamiters Playoff MVP: Tyson Brouwer

Photo by Jonathan Righton

Kimberley Dynamiters March Player of the Month: Justin Meier

Photo by Jonathan Righton

The Kimberley Dynamiters are the KIJHL Champions with a 5-1 win over Kamloops in Game 6

Photo by Dana Saretsky
This series has been hostile to who ever the away team is, as neither team has won on the road. Kimberley looked to end that, and take the championship tonight. While Kamloops wanted the tradition to continue, as they are unbeaten at home in the playoffs heading into this game.

Game Notes
  • Kamloops has yet to lose a game at home during the playoffs.
  • Tyson Brouwer started against Jacob Mullen
  • Scratches/Injuries: Mallard, Wallace, Pagura
The Nitro's got a PP chance early in the game, but came up empty. Brouwer then made several key saves to keep the game at zero, as Kamloops got odd man rushes, and odd redirects. The Kamloops captain was later penalized for 4 minutes. This time Kimberley jumped on the opportunity, Richter fired a shot from just inside the circle on Mullen's right side, and buried it on the uppercase shelf. However, as Kamloops has done all series, they had a quick response, tying the game 1-1 (showing how important the shift after a goal is). This high flying period ended with Kamloops having a slight edge in shots 13-12.

The period started on a sour note as Revie's body contorted as he went heavily into the boards. I don't disagree with the call, but tossing the Storm's captain out of such a key game seemed heavy handed (in my head I was thinking a 5+10, not 5+Game). Nonetheless, Kimberley had an opportunity to take the lead. Busch did just that, as his shot ricocheted before going in, originally Buckley was given the goal on the redirect, but it has since changed back to Busch. The hero from Game 5 crashed towards the net, in similar fashion to his OT winning goal, got the puck from Prevost and directed it in. Giving the Nitro's a 3-1 win. Kimberley led in shots 13-10.

Oh the nerves, and I'm just a fan. Sitting 3-1, I began to feel the excitement of winning, but knew there was still 20 minutes to play before any celebrating could happen. Van Steinburg crashed towards the net again, scoring his third goal in four periods - amping things up at the right time. 4-1 with 18 minutes left. You could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kamloops began their push, but seemed disorganized. With just under 5 minutes left, Kamloops got a PP chance, Mullen went to the bench, and Kamloops skated 6-4 on their PP. Meier scored an SH EN goal with three minutes remaining. Again, I so wanted to celebrate and start playing Queen's "We are the champions" but a game isn't over until the final buzzer. The countdown began, 120 seconds, 90 seconds... Kimberley still playing intense self-sacrificing defense.... 60 seconds... EEEK! - Excited, Excited! .... 30 seconds .... KIMBERLEY ARE THE KIJHL CHAMPIONS!!!! The players and staff began celebrating, and the fans scattered across BC, Alberta, the rest of Canada, North America and around the world began celebrating!

The twitterverse exploded! There are too many tweets for me to list here. Amazing support for those young men.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Trevor van Steinburg - 2G's to follow up his OT winner.

Honorable Mentions
Jordan Busch - eventual GWG, presently Who's Hot in the KI, 1A
Jason Richter - opening goal, assist on the GWG

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters complete the comeback with a 3-2 OT win, hold 3-2 series lead

Photo by
I rambled on and on about why the Kimberley Dynamiters were ready to bounce back after losing the past two. Kamloops however was primed to win Game 5, because that would give them the opportunity to win on home ice.

Game Notes
  • Tyson Brouwer started against Jacob Mullen
  • Injuries/Scratches: Mallard, Wallace, Hunt, Pagura
  • There was 1,358 in attendance
  • I was not at the game due to a family commitment... :(

Fast and furious energy, both teams wanting to win, but neither wanting to give the other the edge. The period was pretty even, with shots remaining tied for the first 15 minutes, 6-6. In the five minutes Kimberley outshot Kamloops 6-2, finishing the period 12-8 in shots. The game was knotted at zero. It was noted early, that Roy & Revie were playing with intent.

Fifty-five seconds into the period Kamloops took the lead, as they banged home a rebound. The Dynamiters tried to even the game, but the door was closed at the other end. Kamloops took their 1-0 lead into the intermission, with an 8-7 lead in shots.

I began increasing the rate I was refreshing the Kimberley Dynamiters twitter feed. It was quiet... nothing updating, and then a series of penalties. Followed by a goal by the top playoff scorer, Saretsky - I did a mini-dance. When I sat down to refresh again, Kamloops had already scored, 22 seconds later to restore their lead. The nervous refreshing coincided with the nervousness in the arena. Two minutes, Brouwer in the net. Ninety seconds left, Brouwer was still in the net. 1:05 and Brouwer was on the bench. I tightly gripped my phone... waiting for something, I will admit hope was fading as nothing was appearing... then HAASE tied the game with 10 seconds left! Nothing like raising your arms in the air to celebrate... and everyone else looks at you strangely (forgot I wasn't at home). Kimberley led in shots this period, 12-3.

The two teams skated out a 10-minute period. Kimberley controlled the play, getting several good chances. Brouwer kept the door closed on his end. Nothing was solved though. So the zamboni was brought out, and this game was going to double OT.

The refreshing was happening at a steady pace... Brouwer makes a huge save... Kamloops ices the puck, takes a timeout... refresh, refresh... #KABOOM! Nitro's Win!!!! I screamed! Everyone looked at me where I was, and I calmly said "Kimberley just won." Van Steinburg just scored the biggest goal of the series, and potentially the biggest of his junior hockey career so far. Revie, who was noted as earlier for playing his heart out, was in on the goal as he poked it in the offensive zone and fed the puck to van Steinburg who was crashing towards the net and directed the puck in.

Kimberley now heads to Kamloops with a 3-2 series lead. This is the first time this playoff run that the Storm have faced elimination. However, neither team has won a game on the road this series.

I also have to say, this playoff run hasn't just been great for the players, who are really enjoying the atmosphere in the arena, but it has been great for the community. The Kimberley Dynamiters are coming up in many conversations, and there are signs, jerseys, and other paraphernalia seen around the community. Heck, supporters are even changing their profile pictures. It is just great to see.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Trevor van Steinburg - OT heroics. Currently Who's Hot in the KI.

Honorable Mentions
Brady Revie - Setting up the winner. KIJHL Player of the game
Keenan Haase - Scoring the tying goal.
Jason Richter - had 2A in the game.

Further Reading
Taylor Rocca write up
Adam Williams write up

Friday, 27 March 2015

Setting up Game 5, Looking at Kimberley Dynamiters Trends

I'm sharing all this to suggest that the Kimberley Dynamiters are primed to rebound after losing two games on the road, and just being shut-out.

Dynamiters record after losing two in a row:

The Dynamiters are 4-2 with 1 default, after losing two games in a row. The last time they lost two in a row, you'd have to look to the end of the 2014 calendar year. Kimberley has scored 30 goals to their opponents 18 goals. If you include the defaulted game, Kimberley has 38 goals, to the opponents 19.

Kimberley did have a 5-game losing skid in November 2014, this was when Brouwer was injured. They have yet to lose three in a row in 2015.

Brouwer's response record after 4-goals against games*:

Brouwer's record after being scored on 4 times, regardless if it was a W or L. 4-4. When it was a loss, he is 2-2, with a 2.50 GAA, with a .935 SV%.

(*I'm intentionally skipping the game where he was injured, a three week gap doesn't allow for a response)

Brouwer's record after losing two in a row:

Only happened three times in the 2014/15 regular season. After which Brouwer is 3-0 with a 1.00 GAA, with a .950 SV%

Dynamiters offensive response after being shut-out:

The Dynamiters were only shut-out once during the regular season, a 4-0 loss to the Osoyoos Coyotes. The game after that, Kimberley scored six goals, in a 6-4 win.

Bubbling to register a point after being held scoreless:

Braden Saretsky: The last time Saretsky was held off the scoresheet in a game, he responded with a 3A outing. The past three times he was held pointless during the playoffs, he has responded with 1G game, 2G game, and 1G game.

Coy Prevost: He has been pointless the past three games, after registering atleast one point in the past 10 games. He's streaky, and could be brewing.

Jared Marchi: Has really come through offensively in the post-season, while still being an effective two-way forward. The last two times he was held off the score-sheet he responded with 1G+1A game, 1A game.

Jason Richter: The lifeline and leader of the team. Pointless the past two games, which only happened once in the regular season.

All the other players are poised to rebound as well.


Neither team has lost at home. Kimberley 2-0 at home, Kamloops 2-0 in their arena. Kamloops. Kimberley is now 7-3 at home, and Kamloops is 4-5 on the road.

More than 5-games?

Kamloops has finished out all of their previous series in 5 games, it will be interesting to see what happens for them now. Kimberley has played a 6-game series against Fernie winning 4-2, their other two series ended in 5 games.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Kimberley Dynamiters are blanked as Kamloops Storm tie the series 2-2

Heading into this game, the Kamloops Storm have yet to play with a lead in the series, despite only being down in the series 2-1. Kimberley was looking to win Game 4 so that they could look to wrap the series up at home on Friday for Game 5. (Atleast, that is how the Dynamiter Fans planned it out).

Game Notes

The Dynamiters were playing scattered in their own zone, which left a Kamloops player alone in front, that got the puck and opened the scoring, almost 7 minutes into the game. Kimberley later got caught on a bad line change, and were called for too many men. Kimberley killed the first minute, then Kamloops used the active boards, Brouwer was going from one end of his net to the other, but there is only so many times that can happen, and Kamloops scored a PP goal, making it 2-0 with just under 4 minutes left. Kamloops led 2-0 at the intermission, and led 15-6 in shots.

Kamloops This Weeks', Adam Williams has noted (in Game 3) the shot difference, and that Kamloops directs a lot of rubber at the net. He suggested their Corsi, the total shot difference (including blocked and missed shots) would be better than Kimberley's, meaning that Kamloops is playing with the puck more, and usually when you have the puck you win. Looks like that was the case so far in this game.

Kimberley was penalized a minute into the period. But the PK did their blue-collar work (not to mention their black-and-blue bruises) and kept Kamloops from increasing their lead. Kimberley later took a penalty, and Kamloops used the active boards again to get a wonky bounce to make it 3-0, their second PP goal of the game. Four minutes later, Kamloops had the feel of a PP as they controlled the puck in Kimberley's end, and made it 4-0. Kimberley finally for a PP chance (their only) but couldn't get on the board. Kamloops led in shots this period, 12-11, and took a 4-0 lead into the second intermission.

Kimberley was dished out 18 PIM & a game this period, while Kamloops had 2 PIM. Yes, the case can be made that the Storm were more disciplined, and I won't argue with that. But Jowsey took a nasty hit to the head that neither ref called. Kimberley increased their pressure, but that large 6'4" goaltender was in the right place at the right time, and had some lady luck. The Dynamiters had chances, several chances, but they were not able to break Mullen's bid for a shut-out, despite directing 17 shots on net this period, to the Storms 5. Kamloops kept their lead and won 4-0.

The series shifts home to Kimberley for the Dynamiters on Friday for Game 5. The series now becomes a best-of-three series, with Kimberley still holding home-ice advantage.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Tyler Kinnon - Played heavy and hard in his own zone. Definitely delivered the hardest hits of the game.

Honorable Mentions
Charlie Dagostin - He too was a physical force
Jason Richter - led by example, did not give up, KIJHL Player of the Game

Further Reading

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Kimberley Dynamiters lose Game 3 in OT to the Kamloops Storm

The Kimberley Dynamiters have a near perfect road record in the playoffs as they took to the ice in Kamloops, going 7-1 on the road. However, the Kamloops Storm have a perfect home record, going 8-0 during the playoffs.

Game Notes
  • Kamloops finished Game 2 with De Palma in net, but returned to Mullen in Game 3, as he was stellar in taking down Osoyoos Coyotes.
  • Tyson Brouwer started for Kimberley.
  • Injuries/Scratches: in the boxscore Wallace was listed, but Taylor Rocca of the Kimberley Bulletin reported that Wallace was injured and Hunt returned in his place. Mallard, Campanella, Pagura.
Kimberley had an early opportunity to take a lead going on the PP 14 seconds into the game. But they were unable to on the large Olympic-size ice. With all that space, the period was fast paced. That showed through on the Dynamiters first goal that came on another PP chance midway through the period. Gordon burst through into the zone carried the puck to the net and got his shot off, the rebound was retrieved by Rosolowsky and deposited it. The physical play picked up, peaked with a hit by Kinnon at the Storm blueline. The Storm and Nitro's tied in shots 10-10.

The Storm have been deadly this series on the PP, and they got their first opportunity this period. The Dynamiters worked hard and were able to kill the penalty. Kimberley got a 5-on-3 PP chance as two Storm players were penalized within ~40 seconds of each other. None other than Braden Saretsky, scored on the PP as time whittled down on the 5-on-3. He didn't score in style like he usually does, unless this was planned, but he fanned on his first shot, and then snipe'd in his second attempt. Giving the Dynamiters a 2-0 lead with 5 minutes left in the period. Kimberley held on to their lead for the remainder of the period, while Kamloops led in shots 8-6 in the period.

Kimberley Dynamiter fans everywhere were praying that they would hold onto, or build on their lead, to take a commanding 3-0 series lead. Kamloops, though, in their desperation, had a different plan. On a miscommunication behind the net, the Storm took control of the puck in the Nitro's end, and made a play from one side of the net to the other to beat Brouwer. Minutes later during a flurry of shots, Kamloops scored on a rebound, tying the game with 5 minutes left. With that, this game was headed to overtime. Kamloops led in shots 13-7.

The first 10 minute period. Kamloops got a majority of their chances on icing calls against a tired Nitro's line. Saretsky and Richter got a 2-on-1 chance but could not capitalize. The game stayed tied at two, and the ice got fresh layer put on.

There was a massive #KABOOM! online, cheering the Dynamiters on hoping for a win in their favour. Kamloops and Kimberley swapped several chances, including breaks at both ends. Buckley had a notable breakaway as he hovered at the Storms blueline, but couldn't beat Mullen. Kamloops broke in on a two-on-two.  The player carrying the puck slowed his speed to the top of the right circle, while the other Kamloops player crashed towards the net. The puck was shot, got caught up in the Storm player in front of the net, when the puck dropped on the ice he back hand swatted it in, giving the Storm the victory. Kamloops led in OT shots 9-6.

Kimberley still holds the edge in the series 2-1. Talking with people before the game, we felt Game 3 was the game to lose (if we had to lose one) in order to win at home in Game 5 on Friday.

Kamloops still remains undefeated at home in the post-season, now going 9-0. Game 4 is tonight in Kamloops.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Alex Rosolowsky - 1G. I've been impressed with his work ethic, allowing him good timing, and showing up to bang home a rebound.

Honorable Mentions
Tyson Brouwer - 37 save performance
Braden Saretsky - 1G
Jared Marchi - 1A continuing his helping ways

Further Reading
Taylor Rocca write up
Adam Williams write up

Monday, 23 March 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters survive Game 2 of the KIJHL Finals with a 6-3 victory

Photo by Jonathan Righton
The KIJHL Finals continued in Kimberley as the Kamloops Storm and the Kimberley Dynamiters faced off for Game 2. Kimberley's plan was to take a 2-0 series lead to Kamloops, while the Storm's plan was to level the series. 978 were in attendance at the game.

Game Notes
  • Tyson Brouwer started against Jake Mullen.
  • Injuries/Scratches: Mallard, Campanella, Hunt, Pagura
Game 1 of the series it took nearly 38 minutes for the first penalty to be called, this game, just over five minutes. Kimberley got the first PP opportunity but couldn't capitalize. Haase did open the scoring for Kimberley with the assist going to Rosolowsky. With the period reaching the final minute of play, Jowsey lobbed the puck at the net and gave the Nitro's a 2-0 lead. However, seconds later Kinnon was penalized. With 16 seconds left in the period, Kamloops made it a 2-1 game. Kamloops led in shots 9-8.

Saretsky continued his scoring ways as he patiently waited for an opening to give the Dynamiters a 3-1 lead. Brouwer continued his stellar play, protecting his cage, by making saves that division rivals are noticing. The Dynamiters increased their lead as Rosolowsky buried a rebound. That spelled the end of the night for Mullen as De Palma took over crease duties. Buckley was penalized for skating by the Kamloops net, while also taking a cross-check to the chops. Yes, Buckley has a not-favourable reputation, but that is the past, the calls against him are all being made with the past in mind, not in the context of the game. Nothing gets called against him either, he got hauled down at centre ice, but no call. Nonetheless, the Storm got a PP opportunity. Kamloops got their boost of energy as they scored a PP goal (again) near the end of the period, cutting into the Dynamiters lead. Kimbo led 4-2 on the scoreboard, and 12-11 in shots.

Oh, the third period. This game was stellar until this point. The referee's, as usually happens, put their whistles away for the third period, but then six minutes into the period, it was getting out of control, and the whistles were pulled out, but it was too late. The moment to me when it became possible to cook an egg in the boiling arena was when Marchi slid into the Kamloops goalie, and then the Kamloops goalie took matters into his own hands. Neither player was penalized, which I think both could/should have been, and that would have changed the proceedings of the period. But no call were made, add to it that there were several other flagrant none calls against both teams, and then a simple tripping call was made against Kamloops, it set everyone off. It was terribly inconsistent and difficult to know what to expect. It was a lot of adversity for both teams. Saretsky added two more goals, both from Marchi, to get the hattrick. Kamloops continued their ways and scored a PP goal in the dying minutes of the period. Kimberley survived the period and won 6-3. Kamloops had 9 shots to Kimberley's 8.

The twitterverse used words like: ugly, disaster, wild, and interesting to describe the last 20 minutes of the game.

The series now shifts to Kamloops. The Storm are undefeated at home, 8-0 so far. Kimberley is 7-1 on the road.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Braden Saretsky - 3G 1A. Holding down the KIJHL playoff scoring race. KIJHL player of the game. Currently 'Hot in the KI'. I'm running out of memes and sayings for this guy, his play has been stellar. In the past 6 games he has 15 points (8 goals, 7 assists) including two hat-tricks.

Honorable Mentions
Jared Marchi - 2A helping Saretsky get the hattrick.
Alex Rosolowsky - 1G 1A Eventual GWG

Further Reading

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters win Game 1 of KIJHL Finals 3-2

Photo by Jonathan Righton
The anticipated attendance of 1,100 was exceeded as 1,208 jammed into the Kimberley Civic Centre to watch the first game of the best-of-seven series between the Kimberley Dynamiters and the Kamloops Storm.

Game Notes
  • Tyson Brouwer started against Jake Mullen
  • "Kaboom" sticks were given out before the game to be thrown on the ice after the Nitro's first goal.
  • Injuries/Scratches: Mallard, Campanella, Hunt, Pagura
The feeler period. Two teams that have not seen each other at all this season, spent this period getting acquainted with one another. Becoming familiar with one another's systems, strategies, and plays. Not that this period was slow, it wasn't, it just lacked good quality chances. Both goalies held down the fort as Kamloops fired 8 shots to Kimberley's 6. Kimberley got the bulk of their shots as the period wound down.

The physicality picked up, as did the chances. The Storm had a beauty of a chance as they broke in on the wing and fired a shot off the crossbar. The Saretsky, Richter & Marchi line later broke in, and Marchi scored the first goal of the series, giving the Nitro's a 1-0 lead. Then those kaboom sticks flooded the ice, and the Dynamiters cleaned those sticks up the fastest they could. Interestingly, the ref then asked the announcer to say that anything thrown on the ice would result in a penalty against the home team (which I think is always a great opportunity for away fans to penalize the home team), which makes sense, it is disruptive and not safe... however, a living animal can be thrown on the ice in Fernie, usually after the second goal, with no warning to the fans to not throw anything else on the ice - I dislike inconsistencies. Jordan Roy took what would eventually be the only penalty of the game. Kamloops took advantage of the PP opportunity and tied the game in the last minute. Kamloops led in shots 11-4.

Intensity increased. With that, increases opportunities. Kimberley got an opportunity as Prevost was left alone and knocked in a pass from Buckley, restoring the Dynamiters lead. Both teams are capable of playing out these low scoring games, so every inch of the ice was being contested for, several players on both sides were sacrificing their body to bloc a shot. Most notably, Richter blocked a shot that left him limping, but he got back up and played his next shift. Later, he and Saretsky broke in on a 2-on-1, Saretsky did a nifty pass and Richter buried it for the insurance marker, 3-1 Kimberley. Of course, Kamloops was just going to wave the white flag, two minutes later they fired a puck just over the pad of Brouwer, making it 3-2. Kamloops pulled the goalie with 90 seconds left. It was organized chaos for the remainder of the period, Kamloops couldn't tie the game, and Kimberley couldn't get a puck in the empty net. Kimberley won game one 3-2. Kamloops led in shots 8-4.

After surrounding the goalie and raising their sticks at centre ice, Richter looked like he was T-rex learning how to skate, I don't know if it was a celebration dance, a prank, or the fulfillment of a bet, but it reminded me of Julius Hudacek, who is known for his postgame celebrations, called the #HudaShow.

While no one expects this to be a four-game sweep series, Kimberley has inched one game closer to the title. The two teams face off tonight at the Civic Centre, 7pm.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jason Richter - The captain came up big when he was needed. Assisting on the opening goal, scoring the GWG, and showed leadership with his shot blocking. KIJHL Player of the Game. Also became Who's hot in the KI.

Honorable Mentions
Tyson Brouwer - 25 saves
Braden Saretsky - 2A

Further Reading

Kimberley Dynamiters 2014/15 Kootenay Conference Champions

Photo by Jonathan Righton

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Series Preview: Kimberley Dynamiters vs Kamloops Storm

Kimberley DynamitersRegular SeasonKamloops Storm
3rd (4.35)Offence (GFA)6th (3.75)
4th (2.77)Defence (GAA)2nd (2.60)
11th (0.904)Goaltending (SV%)14th (0.902)
2nd (23.85%)Power Play4th (22.92%)
3rd (87.38%)Penalty Kill17th (78.19%)
2ndPower Ranking6th
30.83%Top 3 Dependence28.3%
Jason Richter (39G-31A)Top ScorerIan Chrystal (35G-29A)
Braden Saretsky (19G-35A)2nd Top ScorerFelix Larouche (22G-36A)
Coy Prevost (14G-35A)3rd Top ScorerAddison Bazian (17G-22A)
Eric Buckley (103)PIM LeaderRyan Keis (71)

3.13Offence (GFA)3.00
2.19Defence (GAA)2.20
0.928Goaltending (SV%)0.935
27.12%Power Play17.74%
89.23%Penalty Kill87.04%
43.63%Top 3 Dependence30.89%
Braden Saretsky (13G-6A)Top ScorerMitch Friesen (9G-5A)
Coy Prevost (10G-7A)2nd Top ScorerRyan Keis (6G-6A)
Jared Marchi (1G-11A)3rd Top ScorerBobby Kashuba (3G-9A)
Justin Meier (22)PIM LeaderAlex Winters (26)
More Notes
  • How Kamloops got here: Sicamous Eagles 4-1; 100 Mile House Wranglers 4-1; Osoyoos Coyotes 4-1.
  • How Kimberley got here: Creston Valley Thundercats 4-1; Fernie Ghostriders 4-2; Beaver Valley Nitehawks 4-1.
  • Home Records: Kamloops 8-0, Kimberley 5-3
  • Away Records: Kamloops 4-3; Kimberley 7-1

Friday, 20 March 2015

Series Schedule between Kimberley Dynamiters and Kamloops Storm

Here is the schedule for the upcoming KIJHL Finals
  1. Saturday, March 21 at Kimberley Civic Centre (7 p.m.)
  2. Sunday, March 22 at Kimberley Civic Centre (7 p.m.)
  3. Tuesday, March 24 at McArthur Park Arena (8 p.m.)
  4. Wednesday, March 25 at McArthur Park Arena (8 p.m.)
  5. Friday, March 27 at Kimberley Civic Centre (7 p.m.)*
  6. Sunday, March 29 at McArthur Park Arena (6 p.m.)*
  7. Tuesday, March 31 at Kimberley Civic Centre (7 p.m.)*
As always, the Google calendar has been updated.

* - if necessary

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Series Review: Kimberley Dynamiters & Beaver Valley Nitehawks

These are, IMO the key (turning) points in the series between the Kimberley Dynamites and Beaver Valley Nitehawks.

Rookie Presence
With 14 rookies on their roster, this was a rebuilding year for the Nitehawks. Kimberley had 8 rookies.

There was a moment when the Nitehawks switched their goalies at the end of the 2nd game, and continued with that goalie change in game three, and then switched starters again for game four, that it felt chaotic. But Schamerhorn came through for them in game four.

Brouwer continued his winning ways. He faced 190 shots, that's an average 38 shots against per game. He stopped 178 of those shots for a .937 SV%

I noticed in game five that as the goalies went past each other, they tapped each others pads.

The Nitehawks Johnny Boyczuk was suspended for two games, after receiving a game misconduct for head contact during game two. With the energy he brought back to game five when he returned, you have to wonder what might have been had he been in the lineup.

The Nitehawks leading scorer defender during the regular season and playoffs only played in game one. The former Kimberley Dynamiters defender I'm sure would have been a great resource for the Nitehawks as the series went on.

Two words, Braden Saretsky. After going scoreless in the first game, Saretsky had two three point games, and finished the series with 5G & 4A. He currently is tops in the KIJHL playoff leading scorers. I have said this before, but I certainly believe it now, he is making our GM look like a genius for picking him up.

The Nitehawks also were stellar on their offence, the most goals that Brouwer let in in a game was two. Twice the Nitehawks scored three goals, and once four in their OT win. That's impressive.

Three of the five games went into OT, which means this series was close and could have easily swung in Beaver Valley's favor. Kimberley won two OT games, and the Nitehawks won one.

Road Warriors
Kimberley Dynamiters were 3-0 on the road this series, and Beaver Valley was 1-1. So much for home ice advantage.

Farewell 20yo
To go with the Nitehawks 14 rookies, they also had five 20 year-olds. They played in their final KIJHL game. Some of them have had stellar KIJHL careers being a part of the winning team last season. I wish them the best in their future, whether that's in the hockey world or outside of it.

  • Braydon Horcoff
  • Jacob Boyczuk, part of the winning team last year.
  • Taylor Stafford, part of the winning team last year.
  • Walker Sidoni, part of the winning team last year.
  • Andrew Miller, respecbtably left Kimberley to play closer to home this year. He has committed to the University of Central Oklahoma.

Kimberley Dynamiters advance with a 5-1 win over Beaver Valley Nitehawks

The Kimberley Dynamiters had their second chance to finish off the Beaver Valley Nitehawks, while the Nitehawks wanted to continue their reverse sweep at home.

Game Notes
  • Tyson Brouwer faced off against Schamerhorn
  • Nitehawks Boyczuk returned from suspension
  • The Nitehawks have used 14 rookies this playoff, including their two goalies, plus one AP. Compared to the Dynamiters 8.
  • Injuries/Scratches: Dagostin, Mallard, Lane, Pagura.
Kimberley was a given a PP opportunity within the first minute of play, and Prevost made it count. Dynamiters 1-0. Later Kinnon fired a point shot that made it's way through the crowd screening Schamerhorn, 2-0 Kimberley. At the other end, Brouwer was being peppered with shots. Beaver Valley led in shots 20-7! That's about as many shots as one team makes in a whole game!

The physicality increased as both teams were trying to take control of possession. The Nitehawks continued being a firing quad, and were rewarded for their efforts. There was a point when the Dynamiters had so many players in the penalty box, that when Beaver Valley scored on their 5-on-3 PP, they continued playing 5-on-3 after the goal. The period finished 2-1, and the Nitehawks led 20-10 in shots.

Do or die time for Beaver Valley. Of course, none other than Saretsky, had something to say, and gave the Dynamiters a 3-1 lead. Kimberley started playing a little dump and chase to keep the puck in the Nitehawks zone. Van Steinburg had a different idea, and instead of dumping and chasing, ran with the puck into the offensive zone and gave the Dynamiters a 4-1 lead. You could just hear the energy be sucked out of the Fruitvale arena. With three minutes left, the Nitehawks pulled their goalie. Play was disorganized and chaotic as Beaver Valley wanted to get a goal, and Kimberley was doing prevention work. Haase did ice the game with an EN goal with 25 seconds left, becoming the Kootenay Conference Champions! Kimberley led in shots this period 11-7.

Kimberley now advances to play Kamloops Storm in the KIJHL finals.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Tyson Brouwer - 46 saves, for the first 40 minutes he faced a shot per minute.

Honorable Mentions
Tyler Kinnon - delivered hard hits, and had the eventual GWG.
Trevor van Steinburg - 1G 1A, it was great to see his grinding, energy shift efforts be rewarded with a goal.
Jared Marchi - solid two way play, was in on the 3rd & 4th goal to seal the game.

Further Reading

Monday, 16 March 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters lose in double overtime

Photo by Jonathan Righton
In what was called "cliche city" for the Beaver Valley Nitehawks, they either had to win to play another game this season, or lose and be done for the season. Kimberley Dynamiters had a tall order of sweeping the series on their agenda.

Game Notes
  • Tyson Brouwer faced off against Carson Schamerhorn (had a one game break)
  • I've seriously be questioning fatigue for both teams. Since February 15th for the Dynamiters, they have played 16 games. That's an average four games per week.
  • Attendance at home games have been awesome. Typically hovering around 950-1,000 in attendance. Amazing when you think that Cranbrook, a much larger town where the WHL's Kootenay Ice play, is averaging about 2,000-2,250 at their games.
  • Injuries/Scratches: Dagostin, Mallard, Campanella
  • Jordan Roy (not W-ah!) returned from injury.
In a moment of deja vu, the Nitehawks opened the scoring, not even two minutes into the game. Just over a minute later, the ever so hot Saretsky tied the game up. The Nitehawks regained their lead with a goal at the midway point of the game. They took a 2-1 lead to the dressing room, and led in shots 11-8.

In terms of highlights, there were not many... however, this period was desperate by both teams. Beaver Valley wanted to secure their lead, and Kimberley wanted to tie the game and get a lead of their own. Meier timed a snap shot that tied the game with three minutes remaining. Which created a stellar finish to the period where both teams traded multiple quality chances. The period ended in a draw, and Kimberley outshot Beaver Valley 12-10, but trailed still in total shots 21-20.

Again, Nitehawks capitalized early and scored to take a 3-2 lead. Later Kimberley was able to capitalize on the PP (not noted in the boxscore, despite the penalty there) as Haase tucked in a rebound. After the 10 minute mark, it felt like overtime and both teams were being much more calculated in their plays, with a couple of risks. Neither team could get the upper hand, and for the third game this series, we were headed to OT! Kimberley led in shots 11-9.

There was a brief moment in this period where the Dynamiters led Beaver Valley in shots, but it didn't last. There was one scary moment, from my perspective, when the game turned into ricochet-puck; the puck was laying in front of a yawning cage, neither team really knew that the puck had halted there, but luckily the Nitro's were able to swat the puck away. There were some very ugly hits, take downs, runs at the net, and stick use, but the refs put away their whistles. After then 10 minute OT, the game was still a draw.

I raced home quickly to drop off a sleeping child.

I seriously questioned, and tweeted it, that I didn't know how much longer the refs would let those ugly plays happen for. Well, after 10 minutes of solid OT play, the refs finally blew the whistle. In comparison with what was let go earlier in OT, it was a pretty tame play (IMO) to call down. The Nitehawks did have a moment where they thought they scored, even their scratches/injured players who were standing behind the net because of lack of seating, called it a goal. However, the goal light did not go on, and the referee waved off the goal and play continued. Beaver Valley got another PP chance and made it count.

The series now shifts to Fruitvale where the Beaver Valley hopes to extend the series and go for a reverse sweep. When I hear "reverse sweep" I always think of this moment in cricket history. Kimberley now has another chance, and a day to rest, to finish the series.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Tyler Kinnon - He delivered the games hardest hit, he also blocked so many shots, that I am sure he's hurtin' all over, but he just endured.

Honourable Mentions
Coy Prevost - KI Player of the game, 1A
Braden Saretsky - 1G 1A, including this game, he has 8pts in past 4 games.
Tyson Brouwer - 38 saves

Further Reading
Taylor Rocca write up

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters take a strangle hold on series, win 4-3 in OT

Photo by Jonathan Righton
After winning the first two games on the road, the Kimberley Dynamiters were looking to start to the sweep at home. However, Beaver Valley Nitehawks wanted to make a series out of it, and get the Dynamiters back for the two home losses.

Game Notes
  • The Dynamiters have a 4-2 record at home, and a 6-1 record on the road. Which is different from their performance during the regular season: 11-10-2-2-1 on the road, and 21-4-0-1 at home.
  • Tyson Brouwer got the start in net. Beaver Valley went with their 19yo rookie goalie Drake Poirer, who went 19-7 during the regular season and posted a 2.88 GAA, and .908 SV%.
  • Injuries/Scratches: Mallard, Roy, Lane, Pagura.
  • 975 in attendance
  • Highlights at the bottom
Beaver Valley came out flying, scoring two goals in the first 10 minutes. The arena was quiet. The Dynamiter went on the PP with three minutes left. With a very disorganized passing play by the Nitro's, the puck landed on Saretsky's stick who skated to the slot and fired one home. IMO, Kimberley was lucky to escape 2-1, as they were outshot 8-0 until the PP. Beaver Valley led in shots 9-3.

Online family, friends and fans started a #KABOOM chant. It didn't result in a goal, like last game. But Prevost was checked heavily from behind, and the Nitehawks player was given 2+Game. A very patient and positional PK by Nitehawks prevented chances and goals. It was frustrating to watch, I can't imagine how frustrating it was for the Dynamiters on the PP as they had three opportunities, but no goals. Beaver Valley kept the pressure on firing 13 shots on net, while Kimberley had 5. The game remained 2-1 for the Nitehawks.

Let's just say the #KABOOM chant got noisier, as did the fans in the arena. Richter fired a puck on net, and the goalie did one of those kick-saves but directing the puck to the corner, the only problem was Revie was there and collected the puck and buried it in. It was now a tie game. Later, Saretsky undressed, absolutely undressed a Nitehawks defenseman, to give the Dynamiters a 3-2 lead. There was a sense in the atmosphere that that was the GWG and Kimberley just had to skate out the rest of the game. Beaver Valley, again, had a different plan, and an eye-seeing point shot found it's way in. It was 3-3. Both teams had great chances, but neither team sealed the victory. As the period drew to an end, Saretsky was drawn into a cross-checking penalty by a grinning Nitehawks player. Kimberley led in shots 13-7.

Beaver Valley started the OT period on the PP. Nothing creates more anxiety in hockey, than a moment like that. The Dynamiters killed it, and then on the ensuing Marchi-Richter-Saretsky shift, Saretsky got the puck from Richter, and was able to skate around the Nitehawks d-man and snipe a shot in for the OT winner! (A hat-trick for him)

Kimberley now has a strangle hold on the series, with Game 4 tonight, at home. - An excellent opportunity.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Braden Saretsky - 3G. His OT GWG really sent a message, especially since he started the period in the box. He's also making GM Dave Smith look great, Saretsky has been an excellent addition to the team. He was the KIJHL star of the game.

Honorable Mentions
Tyson Brouwer - 27 saves
Jason Richter - 3A
Tyler Kinnon - Pure force.

Further Reading

Friday, 13 March 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters win 6-3, bringing a 2-0 series lead over Beaver Valley Nitehawks home

The Kimberley Dynamiters were looking to take a strong hold on the series, while Beaver Valley Nitehawks were looking to level the series and make it a best of five series.

Game Notes
  • Tyson Brouwer started
  • Injuries/Scratches: Mallard, Campanella, Roy, Pagura
Beaver Valley was quick in establishing a lead, scoring 90 seconds into the game. Beaver Valley continued their peppering of the Kimberley D and goalie. The Dynamiters drew even on a PP goal by Rosolowsky (however, when you look at the boxscore, there is no penalty listed against Beaver Valley at that time, or at ANY point during the game). As the period drew to a close, Wallace got a brilliant chance due to a give-away, and the Dynamiters took a 2-1 lead. Their first lead of the series. The Nitehawks led in shots, 14-6.

Dynamiter fans were treated to AC/DC's TNT, the Dynamiter intro song, during the intermission. Well done BV Webcast Crew!

The Dynamiters continued to excel on the PP, as Prevost lofted one up and over for a 3-1 lead, and Busch drilled one in from the point, 4-1. The Nitehawks responded quickly, and made it a 4-2 game. Kimberley, though, was insistent on keeping their three goal lead, and Marchi tallied one with just under four minutes left. Beaver Valley swapped goalies after the goal. The Nitehawks had a slight edge in shots, 9-8.

I'm a firm believer that anything can happen, and that even if a team is up by three goals, they could still win or lose the game. And Beaver Valley was making a case for that, with six minutes gone in the period, they cut into the Dynamiters lead. However, Kimberley began to play a possession game, and were holding onto the puck, essentially playing keep away. The Nitehawks, with nothing to lose, pulled the goalie with two minutes left. But 1:37 left, Prevost got the turnover and scored on the empty net. The Dynamiters won 6-3, while the Nitehawks led 13-4 in shots.

Kimberley returns home with a 2-0 series lead. setting themselves up for a potential sweep. There was definitely sadness from the webcast crew as they mentioned that this could be Beaver Valley's last home game this season. The Dynamiters are 4-2 at home during the playoffs and 6-1 on the road.

Dynamiter Player of the Game
Braden Saretsky - 3A. Also the KIJHL star of the game, and KI's Who's Hot.

Honorable Mentions
Coy Prevost - 2G 1A
Jared Marchi - 1G 1A
Jordan Busch - Had the eventual GWG.

Further Reading

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters rally back twice to win Game 1 in OT over Beaver Valley Nitehawks

There wasn't a lot of time between Game 6 of the Fernie series and Game 1 of the Beaver Valley series for the Dynamiters. Despite that, the first game of the best-of-seven of the Kootenay Conference finals between Kimberley and Beaver Valley ended dramatically, in favor of the Dynamiters. 130 in attendance.

Game Notes
  • The last time these two teams met, was in 2004-05, and Beaver Valley won the best of 5 series.
  • Tyson Brouwer started.
  • Remember to check out the series preview.
  • Injuries/Scratches: Mallard, Campanella, Roy.
  • Want to know how to pronounce Dynamiter names? The Beaver Valley webcast crew was provided with a pronunciation sheet
  • The KI has shifted to a two referee system for the conference finals.
Beaver Valley came out firing, but Brouwer kept the door closed. The period had a couple of penalties, but overall it was a pretty tame period in terms of physicality, as both teams were feeling eachother out. Beaver Valley led in shots 16-7.

Beaver Valley kept laying on the pressure, directing a lot of shots at Brouwer and the D. On the Nitehawks third PP of the game, they capitalized, and took a 1-0 lead. Kimberley tried to even the game, but couldn't solve the goalie. Beaver Valley again had a large margin in shots, 12-6.

21 minutes after the Nitehawks scored, Rosolowsky tied the game for the Nitro's. As the game approached 10 minutes remaining, the game felt like it was inching closer to OT. Until the Nitehawks pounced on a dumped in puck and squeaked it past Brouwer from an awkward angle. As a fan, down 2-1 with 5 minutes left, anxiety increased. And somehow Prevost got his stick on a loose puck, and buried the rebound. It was 2-2 with just over three minutes left. Not that the white-flag was raised by both teams, but both seemed to skate out the rest of the period, and save their energy for OT. Kimberley was outshot 9-7.

I was worried about fatigue for the Dynamiters, having played so many games in such a short time. Both teams traded chances, and it seemed that neither goalie was going to give up a goal. That was until Buckley squeaked his way in, and past a Nitehawks d-man, to get himself a break away and the game winning goal.

Kimberley has a 1-0 series lead. The two teams play again tonight.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Tyson Brouwer - a 38 save performance, and made some flashy glove saves.

Honourable Mentions
Eric Buckley - GW breakaway goal, plus 1A
Charlie Dagostin - 1A, he is really an unsung hero, and does the dirty/hard work that doesn't get rewarded on the scoresheet
Trevor van Steinburg - I thought he was in on the first goal, but his speed was impressive, and he helped create chances.

Further Reading

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters Series Schedule with Beaver Valley Nitehawks

As always, the Google calendar has been updated.
  1. Wednesday 11th March 7:00 PST - in Beaver Valley
  2. Thursday 12th March 7:00 PST - in Beaver Valley
  3. Saturday 14th March 7:30 MST - in Kimberley
  4. Sunday 15th March 7:30 MST - in Kimberley
  5. Tuesday 17th March 7:00 PST - in Beaver Valley (if required)
  6. Wednesday 18th March 8:00 MST - in Kimberley (if required)
  7. Thursday 19th March 7:00 PST - in Beaver Valley (if required)
NOTE that the game on March 8th starts at 8PM in Kimberley. The other home games are 7:30.

Playoff Preview: Kimberley Dynamiters vs Beaver Valley Nitehawks

Kimberley DynamitersRegular SeasonBeaver Valley Nitehawks
1-1-0-0Head to Head1-1-0-0
3rd (4.35)Offence (GFA)4th (4.00)
4th (2.77)Defence (GAA)9th (2.94)
11th (0.904)Goaltending (SV%)12th (0.903)
2nd (23.85%)Power Play6th (19.92%)
3rd (87.38%)Penalty Kill5th (85.54%)
2ndPower Ranking4th
30.83%Top 3 Dependence29.11%
Jason Richter (39G-31A)Top ScorerMitch Foyle (33G-26A)
Braden Saretsky (19G-35A)2nd Top ScorerRoss Armour (14G-43A)
Coy Prevost (14G-35A)3rd Top ScorerSpencer McLean (18G-20A)
Eric Buckley (103)PIM LeaderTaylor Stafford (91)

2.64Offence (GFA)4.44
2.00Defence (GAA)2.33
0.924Goaltending (SV%)0.927
25.00%Power Play21.28%
92.68%Penalty Kill81.58%
44.26%Top 3 Dependence27.00%
Braden Saretsky (8G-2A)Top ScorerRoss Armour (2G-8A)
Coy Prevost (6G-4A)2nd Top ScorerSpencer McLean (7G-3A)
Eric Buckley (5G-2A)3rd Top ScorerBraydon Horcoff (3G-5A)
Justin Meier (20)PIM LeaderJace Weegar (21)

*More Notes*
  • Beaver Valley has 7 players that returned from their KIJHL Championship & Cyclone Cup Championship season (Frank, Sidoni, Hope, Boyczuk, Stafford, Foyle, Swanson). Better believe they know what it takes to win.
  • Andrew Miller, who played 1.5 seasons with the Kimberley Dynamiters, returns. He has also committed to the University of Central Oklahoma.
  • The season series was split. Both teams winning at home. Beaver Valley a 4-3 victory, Kimberley a 7-1 victory.

Series Review: Kimberley Dynamiters & Fernie Ghostriders

This series, IMO, featured two of the top three teams in the KIJHL. It proved to be a very entertaining and competitive series.

The following are some of the key points, and turning points in the series.

Empty Net Goals
There were five (5) goals scored into the empty net, a six (6) goals scored with less than a minute. So if we remove the EN goals, this is what the scores were:

  • 3-2 Kimberley (2 EN) 
  • 5-2 Fernie
  • 5/6-4 Fernie (1 EN, another goal with less than a minute)
  • 2-1 Kimberley
  • 2-1 Kimberley
  • 3-2 Kimberley (2 EN)

When you remove the EN goals, all of Kimberley's victories were by one goal, which shows just how close this series was.

The RiderNews eluded to this early in the series, that injuries will play a role. On the Dynamiters side, Roy came into the series injured. Campanella returned. Hunt was injured than returned. Brouwer was injured and returned.

On the Ghostrider side, their leading scorer Doan Smith returned during the series. Bender & Thomsen also returned to the series. Pronchuk played in the first game, but didn't return to the series.

Home-ice Advantage?
Home ice advantage kept swinging. Fernie was 1 for 3 at home. Kimberley was 2 for 3 at home. Both teams rarely lost games at home during the regular season.

Public Enemy
Eric Buckley. He was only held off the scoresheet for one game, Game 5. Buckley scored four goals, added two assists, and 8 PIM. But what is key, is the timing of his goals. 1 GWG, 1SHG, 1GTG, 1 game opener.

This series had a lot more goals for Kimberley, than the previous against Creston Valley. Kimberley scored 17 goals, yet let in 18 goals, for a total of 35. That's an average 5.83 GPG. But 25 of those goals were scored in the first three games (8.33 GPG), and 10 in the last three (3.33 GPG).

The goalies were phenomenal this series. Yes, there were some high scoring games, but the scorers on both teams were looking for blood. Key saves were made. Nelson did a great job filling in for Brouwer. And Orser, the divisions regular season top goalie, was a worthy opponent.

Brouwer, though, is posting Jacques Plante type numbers. In 9 games during the playoffs, he has an 8-1 record, a 1.02 GAA, and a .961 SV%. His only loss in the playoffs came in Game 1 against Creston (that's his only loss in all of 2015).

Farewell 20yo
It's always hard to see so much emotion being left on the ice, and knowing that for some of these players, there is no tomorrow. So I wish the following players all the best in their future, whether that's in hockey or outside the hockey world:

  • Aaron Neufeld
  • Joel Burgess
  • Sam Plaquin
  • Derek Georgopoulos
  • Dylan Robertson

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters win Game 6, 5-2, clinching series against Fernie Ghostriders

Photo by Jonathan Righton
 The Dynamiters entered Game 6 winning the past two games. They needed to win this game, three in a row, to clinch the series. If not, Game 7 would be in Fernie and would prove to be an even more difficult task. There was a report of 1,156 in attendance at the game, the boxscore says 987.

Game Notes
  • Tyson Brouwer started against Jeff Orser.
  • Prior to this game, the KI twitterverse (a small niche group) had a little buzz about goaltender safety.
  • Injuries/Scratches: Mallard, Campanella, Roy, Pagura
Buckley & Prevost, plus who ever has been on their line, has been a deadly combination all season. The two of them teamed up with Haase, and created a three way tic-tac-toe play that left Buckley open in front of the net, giving the Nitro's a 1-0 lead. Later Jowsey came busting in and threw the puck at the net from an awkward angle that found a hole and gave the Dynamiters a 2-0 lead. Chaos ensued as the period finished, depending on your vantage point, either a Nitro's D pushed a Rider player into Brouwer, OR a Rider player bumped into Brouwer despite the D preventing him from getting there. Any way you say it, a helmet-less Brouwer, with the help of the team, protected the crease. The only ensuing call was against Kinnon. The ref, after consulting with the linesmen, maintained his original call and had the Fernie fans cheering for him, and the Kimberley fans upset. The Dynamiters killed the PK, and kept their 2-0 lead into the first intermission. Fernie led in shots, 11-9.

While feeling comfortable with a 2-0, you knew the Ghostrider's were not just going to wave a white-flag with 40 minutes of play left, especially with five 20 year olds. Fernie maintained control of the puck, and possession while on the attack. They potted two goals within the span of three minutes to even the game. Both teams exchanged PP opportunities, but neither could capitalize. Fernie had a very slight edge in shots 9-8.

With the score tied 2-2, this was going to be an excellent period. All the fans were on the edge of their seat. The whistle was put away, and calls that were made during the first period (or earlier in the series) were not being called. As a result, both teams traded several quality chances. And then Haase and Prevost broke in. Haase passed to Prevost who dealt it back to Haase who had no difficulty finding the back of the net. It was then game on. Fernie started checking harder and faster. They did their best to dominate play, and did. Brouwer, and some lucky bounces, kept the puck out. As the final minutes ticked down, it was only a matter of time before Fernie pulled the goalie. A time-out at 1:35 left led to the Fernie being empty. With 55 seconds left, Prevost cleared the zone on a backhand, the puck slid and glided off the post into the net. 4-2. The arena went ballistic! This had all but sealed the deal. Saretsky padded the lead with another EN goal, a 5-2 victory.

With the win, the Kimberley Dynamiters won the Eddie Mountain Division, and now advance to Conference Finals against last seasons KIJHL Champions the Beaver Valley Nitehawks.

Dynamite Player of the Game

Tyson Brouwer - 30 save performance. Made some clutch saves. KIJHL player of the game 

Honorable Mentions
Coy Prevost - 1G 2A. His performance landed him as the KI's who's hot!

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Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Kimberley Dynamiters take a 3-2 series lead with a 2-1 win over Fernie Ghostriders

The Kimberley Dynamiters and Fernie Ghostriders have whittled down their series to a best of three. Game five was played in front of a crowd of 1,140 in Fernie.

Game Notes

  • Tyson Brouwer and Jeff Orser started.
  • There was a fan bus that went to the game, so the sections near the score-clock were Dynamiter fans.
  • Injuries/Scratches: Mallard, Campanella, Roy, Pagura
Both teams wanted to send a message, and that was that this was that goals were going to be hard to come by and that this was going to be a physically exhausting game. The first goal, definitely showcased how hard it would be to score, even though not credited, Gordon shot the puck from the point, it took several bounces before getting to Orser, and then ricocheted in the crease before Richter got stick on puck and got it in. The Dynamiters a 1-0 lead with 13 minutes left in the period. Later, Busch took a penalty while preventing a breakaway. The PK was excellent once again. The Dynamiters got a PP of their own late in the period, but didn't capitalize. At the end of the period, it was 1-0 Dynamiters, with Ghostriders leading in shots 9-7.

The save of the game came this period, as Brouwer was caught going one way and the attacking forward the other. He was down in the butterfly with the puck going high glove side, and he snagged it! Fernie was in disbelief. And that wasn't the only spectacular save, there were many, many more, as Brouwer kept his team in the game. Prevost jumped on a rebound midway through the period and gave the Dynamiters a 2-0 lead. Dynamiters led in shots 13-10 by the end of the period.

The Dynamiters were penalized early in the period. It took the Ghostriders 6 seconds to score on the PP with a set faceoff play. With just under 18 minutes left, and the score 2-1, intensity grew, fans were into it, and we just saw Elvis the rooster appeared. The rooster was quickly captured and taken off the ice - with momentum in Fernie's favor and time ticking down - this was a distraction that was quickly dealt with. Fernie fired everything at the Dynamiter net. There was even a moment when they thought they tied the game, but the goal was waved off due to it being offside. With two minutes left, the Riders attack vamped up. With 90 seconds left they pulled their goalie. 54 seconds left, timeout, faceoff in Kimberley's zone, but the Nitro's cleared the zone and were able to keep the puck along the boards in Fernie's end and held onto for a 2-1 victory, and a 3-2 lead in the series.

Kimberley now takes a 3-2 series lead back home for Game 6 on Monday. The winner of this series takes on Beaver Valley Nitehawks in the conference finals.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Tyson Brouwer - 31 saves. I don't know how he saw or even stopped the puck at times, but he did.

Honorable Mentions
Jonas Gordon - great energy, and a desire to get the puck out from his end to the other.
Coy Prevost - Scored the eventual GWG.
Jason Richter - Opened the scoring, and lead the team.

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