Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fighting and Head Shots

After a miserable weekend road trip for the Nitros, details of this tweet are beginning to surface:

It appears that Marchi took a shot to the head during the game. Which, if the referee sees it, it is a game misconduct. Which of course when you take out a team's best player, a battle ensues. And if you look at the final three minutes of the game, about 84 minutes worth of penalties were handed out. And you can see that Wilde of the Chase Heat was called for head contact, but somehow Guardiero is the only one with a suspension for multiple fights.

Of course the reaction from most is to ban fighting in hockey, which this is what Nitro's defenceman Dagostin had to say:

Let's explain the difference here of why one should be banned and not the other. Fighting, is between two consenting individuals that are trying to prove a point or protect a teammate. Yes it is in the moment, which everyone's counsellor is trying to get you to live in the moment. The consequence is an in the moment 10 minute penalty, and typically game misconduct. Headshots, is typically a cowardly act against an unsuspecting opponent (See McCsorley v. Brashear). What's ironic is that there is little punishment for a head shot, a lowly two minutes to the perpetrator and usually a game or two more injury for the victim (notice that Marchi did not dress the following game). And remember, head shots can be career ending. Head shots need to be taken out of the game, immediately. Punishment needs to be dished out accordingly.

This lead to a Nitros fan, Mr. Reid, having this reaction:
After last nights game I question the direction hockey is headed. Actually I know where it is headed. The same direction society has decided to take. No accountability for your actions. We lose our best player to a concussion on a predatory chicken shit hit to the head. Gutless. For the bedwetters out there that want to get fighting out of hockey. You win. I give up. Do you know what kept us safe on the ice and on the street? Was the fear that you would get the shit knocked out of you if you crossed certain lines and disrespected people. Not now. Do whatever you want. There will never be fear of being held responsible for your behavior. Fighting or even the fear of makes the game safer. Fighting is a choice. Getting run from behind by a gutless coward is not.

And I couldn't agree more. KIJHL (and other hockey leagues), start protecting your players, not to mention they are your product, with harsher penalties and suspensions against head shots!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

It's the last week to bid on jersey's!

Remember to cast your bids! We are down to the final week of bidding. You can check for the latest bid updates here.

Monday, 21 October 2013

KIJHL Power Rankings - October 21

You are going to have to trust me now as I run the numbers, as I am only showing the rankings. Check out this post to see how everything is calculated. Compared to the last power rankings, Osoyoos Coyotes and the North Okanagan Knights are the hottest teams, while the Fernie Ghostriders are coldest.

Rank TEAM Offence Defence Special Teams Goaltending TOTAL Last Week Difference
1 Kelowna Chiefs 4 3 1 2 10 1 0
2 Nelson Leafs 2 2 2 11 17 2 0
3 Osoyoos Coyotes 5 4 9 3 21 8 5
4 Kimberley Dynamiters 11 1 5 13 30 3 -1
5 Summerland Steam 13 5 11 4 33 6 1
6 Kamloops Storm 3 8 6 16 33 5 -1
7 Sicamous Eagles 15 6 15 1 37 10 3
8 Creston Valley Thunder Cats 1 15 3 18 37 11 3
9 Beaver Valley Nitehawks 8 7 10 15 40 4 -5
10 Grand Forks Border Bruins 12 13 8 10 43 9 -1
11 Columbia Valley Rockies 10 12 20 6 48 15 4
12 North Okanagan Knights 16 10 14 8 48 17 5
13 Fernie Ghostriders 7 14 13 14 48 7 -6
14 Chase Heat 9 11 17 12 49 14 0
15 Revelstoke Grizzlies 19 20 4 7 50 16 1
16 Castlegar Rebels 6 16 12 17 51 12 -4
17 100 Mile House Wranglers 18 9 16 9 52 13 -4
18 Golden Rockets 14 18 7 20 59 18 0
19 Spokane Braves 20 17 19 5 61 19 0
20 Princeton Posse 17 19 18 19 73 20 0

Assistant Captains

The A's have appeared on the jersey's now too! Here are the Nitro's assistant captains:

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Highlights of Nitro's OT win over Columbia Valley

Nitro's win 5-4 in OT over Columbia Valley

The Rockies jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead in the first period. Their three power plays in the first probably helped. The Rockies didn't have a penalty called against them until the third period. Despite Sibbald and Perpelitz taking obvious high sticks to the face. Of course the Nitro's scored on their only power play of the game in the third to add to their already unanswered three goals during the second. I barely caught the PP goal on video:

The Rockies took advantage of checking Nitros players into the players bench doors, as they gave way. Which led to the Rockies tying the game, scoring two goals within a minute of each other, tying the game 4-4

Overtime is always anxious, as the "next goal wins." But as I have learned by watching the Nitro's at home this year, you can never rule them out of tight games. They have won games in the final minute and have frequently come from behind to win the home game. So is it any surprise that this was the result:

And who says winning a fight isn't motivating for a team? Kinnon dropped the gloves with just over a minute remaining in the first, and the Nitro's responded with 4 goals.

My favourite line during the game was: Dartnall, Wolf and Revie. Even though the lineup did not produce a goal together, they physically wore down the Rockies, continually hitting them and getting under their skin.

Nitro's Player of the Game: Jason Richter, he completely undressed the Columbia Valley defenseman before tucking his backhand shot in. It was unreal, and deflating for the Rockies.

Check on the full boxscore on the KIJHL website, and if you missed the game you can always purchase a replay of the game.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Nitro's win high scoring game 6-3

What at first started as a referee favoring the Golden Rockets game, ended up being an offensive outburst for the Nitro's.

Early in the first, the ref was 'whistle-happy' calling two minors, creating a five on three, which the Rockets scored and had the early lead. This enraged the 445 fans.  However, the Nitros responded with three quick goals of their own by Bogdanek, Marchi, and Wolf. The rest, as they say is history.

The Nitro's scored three times on the power play, and had a short handed goal. However, the "Who's Hot in the KIJHL" player, and the Nitro's Player of the Game was Jared Marchi. He was in on all but one goal for the Nitros (2G, 3A).

I feel the need to do a shout out to Golden Rockets character player, standing at 6'4" wearing #27, Michael Anderson. He showed a lot of leadership and support to his team and goalie, despite being down 5-1. True class.

I also noticed another trend. Although our captain doesn't have a mustache, Columbia Valley's and Golden's do, and they look identical on the ice:

Remember you can check out the boxscore on the KIJHL website. But now onto some shots from the game:

On the Penalty Kill

Preview of upcoming figure skating competition

Snapping a shot on net

Celebrating the short handed goal


Saturday, 12 October 2013

Nitro's lose 4-1 on the road to the Rockies

The Nitro's were handed their worst lost of the season while visiting Columbia Valley. And apparently no one showed up for the game, according to the boxscore. But my ticket indicated there was just over 125 people there.

I knew this game wasn't going to go well from the moment I got there. And here are my reasons:

  • I was almost not allowed into the game despite having a league pass. I was then asked if the name on the card, W. W. Ohlhausen, was me. Mr. Ohlhausen is the league president. So of course I said no. And then I was lectured about how Invermere season passes don't work in Kimberley. Which I agreed. Any how. It was messy and awkward. Hopefully next time I cover an away game this won't happen. So this didn't bode well.
  • Ironically the league president WAS in attendance at the game (could you imagine if I said yes to the earlier question?). And usually when the president of any organization watches, nothing goes according to plan.
  • When you are tops in the division, and playing on the road, the home team usually brings their 'A' game. Which Rockies goalie, Justin Miller, did. He stopped 43 of 44 shots.
  • More fans were watching and interested the CFL game on the TV then the actual game in front of them.
  • And lady luck was not on the Nitro's side. No bounces went their way.
I think their is a current conspiracy at work. The Nitro's had a very efficient power play. However, the past couple of games they have gotten 8+ power play chances in each. There is a point where it just becomes ridiculous, and seems that the officials are trying to bring down the power play efficiency. "Let's call a penalty with barely any time left in the period so that they get less time on the attack." "If we call a penalty now when the Nitro's were just hacked at, then they will be hurt." "During the face-off, guide it towards the Rockies."

Anyway, enough of my ranting. Nitro's Player of the Game was Darren Martin, the captain. Each of his point shots had effort behind them, including his power play goal.

Here is a vid of one the power which will highlight the unlucky bounces, and then some pictures from their compressed arena.

Remember to check out the full boxscore.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Nitro's remain undefeated at home with 3-1 win over Rockies

About 440 fans showed up for the Nitro's mid-week game against the Rockies. The fans were not disappointed as the Nitro's jumped to an early 1-0 lead with Shubert's goal.

During the second the Nitro's skated laps around the Rockies, as their four shots (their total for the first period as well) came late in the second.

I was able to catch the Nitro's PP goal on video:

While Sibbald did have two assists, and his speed down the ice led to the third goal of the game. The Dynamiters Player of the Game (again for me) was recently acquired Alex Dartnall. His 6'2" self was a force to be reckoned with, his physical play dominated his shifts which allowed him to stuff in the third goal of the game.

The view from behind the bench

2nd Intermission. Preview of the upcoming figure skating tournament in Kimberley