Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Bryce Nielsen commits

Sorry that I am late with this, but Bryce of has committed to New England College for the upcoming season. Good luck Bryce!

Monday, 28 April 2014

League Standings & Playoff Results vs Power Rankings

Now that the Beaver Valley Nitehawks are done dominating the Western Hockey world, I felt it was appropriate to finally post this.

I have displayed the final power rankings, the end of regular season standings, against regular season division and conference winners, with the division and conference post-season winners.

The #1 trend I saw in this is that the league leading team, Kamloops Storm, faced off against the top power ranked team, Beaver Valley Nitehawks. The Power Rankings predicted 3/4 division leaders in the regular season, and 3/4 in the post season (looking at the top 4 power ranked teams).

Team Final Power Rankings Regular Season Post Season
League Standing Division Leader Conference Leader Division Winner Conference Winner League Winner
Beaver Valley Nitehawks 1 4 X X X
Creston Valley Thunder Cats 2 3 X X
Summerland Steam 3 5 X
Kamloops Storm 4 1 X X X X
Nelson Leafs 5 2 X X
Kelowna Chiefs 6 6
Sicamous Eagles 7 13
Osoyoos Coyotes 8 8 X
Kimberley Dynamiters 9 7
Spokane Braves 10 15
Chase Heat 11 9
Fernie Ghostriders 12 10
North Okanagan Knights 13 12
Grand Forks Border Bruins 14 18
100 Mile House Wranglers 15 11
Castlegar Rebels 16 14
Princeton Posse 17 16
Golden Rockets 18 19
Columbia Valley Rockies 19 17
Revelstoke Grizzlies 20 20

This is my first time doing this, so I am interested to see what happens next year. If the regular seasons top team will face off against the power rankings top team in the playoffs.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014